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Read About the World’s Biggest ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Ponzi Scheme.

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( We are in the middle of the world’s biggest “get-rich-quick” Ponzi scheme.

I’m not talking about COVID-19. COVID-19 is real; it’s a flu pandemic. But the response by government, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the mainstream media and Democrat politicians has been one gigantic, world-class, two-year long Ponzi scheme.

Here is a real-life health care story that explains it all…

One of my close friends thought he was having a heart attack. He asked me to drive him to the hospital. Of course, I dropped everything and rushed him to the emergency room at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas.

He was kept at the hospital for 22 hours. He was given a battery of tests. He passed them all with flying colors. The doctors could find nothing wrong. Thank God there was no heart attack. He was given a clean bill of health. It must have been a “panic attack,” because he is in perfect health.

About two weeks later, the bill came. Twenty-two hours in the hospital. Not even one full day. Nothing wrong, so no treatments of any kind were given.

The bill was $115,000.

He was in shock. The bill could have given him a real heart attack. This is insanity. The health care system is a scam. Thanks, Obamacare. What a great job former President Barack Obama did to “fix” health care. Now 22 hours in a hospital costs $115,000. The frauds in the media won’t dare talk about that story.

This also explains everything about the past two years of this COVID pandemic. This is why the reaction to COVID is so hysterical, panicked, exaggerated. It’s all about the money.

Here’s a simple explanation of the world’s biggest “get-rich-quick” Ponzi scheme…

First, President Joe Biden, Fauci, the CDC, FDA, Democrat politicians and the media scare people to death over a flu with mostly mild to moderate symptoms, with a 99.9% recovery rate. They whip Americans into a frenzy. This turns Americans into paranoid hypochondriacs and hospital junkies.

“If it bleeds, it leads.” The more death on the front page, or at the top of the news, the more papers they sell and the higher the ratings for the TV news. And of course, the more billions of dollars spent by Big Pharma on drug and vaccine ads as a thank-you to the media. This frightens and panics more Americans into taking the vaccine. And the more hysteria, panic and fear, the more Americans rush to the hospital ER.

It’s one big vicious cycle that makes everyone at the top filthy rich.

Think of that $115,000 bill for 22 hours in the hospital. That’s for a person that wasn’t sick. What if you actually have the flu? Once at the ER, they’ll admit you for a day, or two, or three, out of caution (and fear of a lawsuit) and you’ll go home with a $250,000 bill.

What if you actually get seriously ill? That’s a trip to the intensive care unit. Whether you live or die, either way someone gets a $5,000,000 bill.

Multiply these bills times millions of hysterical, scared-to-death Americans who rush to the hospital ER at the first sign of a cold, cough, fever or a sneeze. Most of them are poor and on Obamacare or Medicaid. And it’s all paid by OPM: other people’s money. The government pays, and pays, and pays some more — with your taxpayer money.

Everyone involved gets rich quick: the hospitals; doctors; Big Pharma; ventilator makers; mask makers; COVID-19 antigen test makers; vaccine manufacturers; the media that books billions of dollars in Big Pharma ads; and, maybe most of all, the politicians.

Think how much money the hysteria, panic and fear porn, combined with vaccine mandates, have made each Democrat politician that owns stock in publicly traded hospital, health care, drug and vaccine companies.

And this is all separate from the obscene bonuses reportedly paid by government to hospitals for each patient that tests positive for COVID-19, dies with COVID-19 and gets put on those deadly ventilators.

I haven’t even mentioned all the Americans who may be experiencing heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and advanced cancer directly from the COVID-19 vaccine itself. See the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System list. There’s another multibillion-dollar income stream.

And this scam is made possible by a conspiracy of government and media slandering and banning the only cheap, highly effective miracle drugs and vitamins that work for pennies on the dollar, like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and vitamins C and D3.

Bernie Madoff is rolling over in his grave. COVID-19 is a legal license to steal.

We have all just experienced two years of the world’s biggest “get-rich-quick” Ponzi scheme.

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