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A Police Officer, A School Teacher & A Cup Cake.

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( Well America! Here we go again with the madness of law enforcement officers encouraging school teachers to give away cup cakes contaminated with human DNA to elementary and middle schools students who do not have a voice and who are the most vulnerable and abuse in the United States of America. A police officer and a school teacher are supposed to be the most trusted people in the nation specially if they are Caucasians. Really? A police officer protects the community and enforces the laws of the land; while, a school teacher is task with educating, teaching, listening and preparing our children to be the next generations of fathers, mothers, politicians, doctors, nurses, police officers, engineers, scientist, school teacher etc…So why are our young generations of children of every race are been betrayed by those who supposed to protect them and educate them?

Now, the issue at hand is regarding a middle school white teacher named Cynthia Perkings and her husband a white police officer later identified as Dennis Perkins who were both arrested back in October 2019 for lacing cup cakes with body fluids such as sperm and saliva; as well as, rape of a minor, child pornography, lewd and lascivious acts on a minor under the age of 13. Dennis and Cynthia Perkings are both white people from Livingston Parish, Louisiana who were both representative of the law and the school district who violated their vows, trust and duties as a police officer and a middle school teacher respectively. Officer Dennis Perkins a police officer aka race soldier infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having a small penis felt it was okay and appropriate to ejaculate on the cup cakes bake by his wife with no buttocks who colluded with him to purposely, sadistically and sexually give middle schooled children those cups cakes filled with sperm, semen, ejaculation, body fluids etc.. Both of these individuals have been involved in this behavior for many years even before they got married. Yet, the white mainstream media have kept this information and court preceding Strickley confidential and not publicized world wide for some time.

Indeed, child pornography, sex with children and animals have always been prevalent in the sick minds of white American men who everyday pretend to be saints, heroes and victims while labeling every other race as garbage, super predators, illegals and savages. Yes, America! a white police officer was busting a nut aka ejaculating on the favorite food of children that his wife, a teacher prepared and gave to her students on a weekly basis. These blue eye demons of the west are always quick to point their finger at other races and other minorities; but the minute one of them get caught, busted, arrested for such horrendous crimes, then all in a sudden the white America people becomes silent and tried their best to hide their disease of madness and sexual deviancy from the rest of the nation and the world. We all understand that it was white people who invented child pornography, it was the white American men who invented X-rated movies, oral sex, anal sex, threesomes, bestiality and all the degeneracy surrounding sex. White men also invented the pills to help them maintain their erection and ejaculation and the pills to stop pregnancy and induce abortion in women which is the killing of a fetus. Let’s not forget that white men in America has always had a problem with their sexual performance and confidence in the bedroom with their inabilities to satisfy a grown adult woman which has force them to seek the pleasure of sticking their small penis into the buttholes of a child either be a boy or a girl.

The question that I have for America! is why did the American mainstream media hide this case for so long and refuse to comment on the possibility that many other white police officers with small penises and school teachers were involved in the trafficking of child pornography; Equally, Important, why did the victim’s parents did not raise hell to the school board, the governor and why didn’t they come forward to the newspapers and the mainstream media to let us know the pain and traumatic event that their children went trough and enduring today and whose children were affected by these two sick white Americans. Dear Caucasian women of America why do you allow your white men to force you or coerce you into their sexual perversion of molesting children and or having sex with animals such as your lovely dogs and cats. I understand that a white woman should stand by her white man no matter what but there are certain situations in which you should asked yourself if this behavior or verbal statement by your white husband, boyfriend, colleague, neighbor is normal and why is he thinking about things that contradicts the normal behavior of a civilized human being with honesty and integrity.

I am not trying to offend my fellow Americans but when a minority does something lesser to that of the Perkins, the white people in America immediately demand justice and asked for the death penalty of that minority and you portrait that minority suspect either be black, Hispanic, native American, middle eastern on the mainstream new media 24/7 for months to come and you continue to write articles and make documentaries about their crimes. Yet, as soon as the perpetuators, suspects are white people then you keep your mouth shut and you keep the story out of the news, newspapers and public in general just like you try to hide the sexual crimes committed by the Perkins. Yes, the people that we supposed to trust the most such a police officers and a school teachers were the ones who broke the trust of the community.

With that said, White American women if you have a husband, boyfriend, friend, colleague, neighbor who is obviously a white men constantly talking about sex with children, animals, and tries to entice, convince and propose you to get involved in behaviors that are against nature such as sex with children, animals, threesomes, swinging, anal sex etc.. then please report him to the police and walk away from him. I understand that some of the race soldiers aka white police officers that work in your cities and patrol your neighborhoods may also be sick puppies involved in picking up prostitutes, going to massage parlors to have sex with Asian women, watching child pornography, going to bars and parties with their fellow officers with their duty weapons on their waits or in the vehicle and then proceeding to drink 2 to 4 beers and or 2 to 4 liquor shots and after that they all leave intoxicated driving their vehicle drunk which is against the law and the following day they go to work and arrest a white woman for driving under the influence which is the same crime these officers committed the day before.

All white women of America who values the life of children, the life of another woman and the women’s feminine movement and rights to be free from the rules of white men mental deviant behavior and financial control then you must report all of them to include your own family member involved in sick behaviors such as the aforementioned. Women in general are the future of fixing the madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and shortcoming of the small penis syndrome that plagues the minds, body and soul of the white American men.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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