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Ukrainian Soldiers & Police Officers Are Preventing Black Africans From Leaving The Country.

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(Akiit.com) The war has began in Ukraine with Russian Armed Forces attacking key military, government areas, airports, vital infrastructures that are the life source of the country. These tactics of destroying specific keys areas are the same tactics use by the United State America during their invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, WW2, North Korea and many other small conflicts in which United State Armed Forced targeted the necessary areas to defeat their enemies. Likewise, when ever you start a war, provoke a war there will always be casualties that will most certainly include the civilian population..

Now, the western mainstream media is portraying the Russians as been murderers; as well as, incompetents in their strategic movement towards the capital and key cities of the country because of the many destroyed Russian convoys and captured Russian Soldiers. More so, The western mainstream media is showing graphic pictures of dead Russian soldiers and captured soldiers been humiliated and abused by Ukrainian military and civil defense forces in violation of the Geneva Convention which prohibits the mistreatment, abuse, beating and humiliation of war prisoners. Yet, if this would have been done to white American soldier then White America would have cry a river and demand the world court at the Hague for justice, reparations and retributions.

Furthermore, The United States of America is more guilty and responsible for almost one (1) million deaths of innocent civilians during the Vietnam war, Korean war and Iraq. Yes, America has killed more innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan than Russia has done in its entire history of their existence. Lets, not forget the innocent news reporters and camera men and women from Al Jazeera and RT Russian new crew who were gunned down by American soldiers using their helicopters and warplanes in Iraq and then conceal it from the mainstream media and the American public. Indeed, America is more guilty of war crimes and atrocities against human kind than any other country in the world; but, when you are a super power country you can get away with anything by censoring the truth and give the world a twisted fiction of the factual truth.

Anyways, lets get back to the reason for this article; as you already know the civilian population in Ukraine is fleeing the country in the hundreds of thousands making their way to the border with Poland, Romania and Hungary. Among these Ukrainians you have thousands of black men and women from Africa, the United States and the Caribbean who are also human being fearing the onslaught of any war and for that reason they are also seeking refugee in those countries bordering Ukraine; but, they, the blacks, people of color, negroes or whatever you want to called them are been turn away, push back, assault, punched and beaten by Ukrainian soldiers and Ukrainian police officers who refuse to allow them to leave the country base on the principle that only the white people can leave first. Yes, Racist Ukraine has shown their real color of discrimination and racism against black people preventing them from entering the bus terminal, train stations in order to exit the country. The blacks and or Africans can not leave the country until all the white Ukrainians, Whtie Americans and White Europeans get first service at leaving the country via railroad and bus transportation. I called it Racism at its best in Ukraine.

There is so many videos online and on social media showing how the Ukrainian soldiers, Police officers, civil defense forces and even the white Ukrainian population been racist, bias, discriminating against all the blacks in the country and denying them access to transportation, food, medical help and basic human rights: Yet, Space Cadet Biden and Happy feet Karmala says nothing about it but instead they are more focus in asking the world to support Ukraine war against Russia’s legitimate right to protect their sovereignty from NATO expansion into Russian territories. It is time for all black people around the world to wake up and realize that white America and white Ukraine does not care for the safety of black people and will never do anything to protect black lives in their country; therefore, black American soldiers should not fight or die to protect white Ukraine and anyone else who supports or want to defend a racist country.

With that said, I am calling on all black Americans and all Black soldier who are currently been activated to go to Ukraine to refuse to go or if you cannot then you must go to Ukraine to bring back and protect the blacks and Africans who are been abused, raped, assault, robbed at the hands of Ukrainian soldiers, Ukrainians police officers and civil defense forces. If you are a true black men and women who loves your black people regardless of what country they are from then you will fight against those racist Ukrainian soldiers and free the blacks that are been discriminated by these racist bustards. You have seen how white people come to the rescue of other white people regardless of their place of birth or origin; then you as a black men/women with your African ancestry should do the same and fight for your black people and free them from the grasp of white supremacy that is prevalent in Ukraine and America by any means necessary.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; islam4infinity@yahoo.com.

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