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A Swirling African American Woman Nominated For Supreme Court Justice.

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( Our Current President Biden and soon to be one term serving President has nominated an African American Woman name Ketanji Brown Jackson to be the newest Supreme court Justice and the first black woman to hold that position in the United States Government. If confirmed by Congress, she will be the 116th Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, the first black woman and the third black person to be nominated to such position. The first black person to received such a high and prestigious position were The civil rights and NAACP enforcer Thurgood Marshall and Uncle Tom sellout  Clarence Thomas.

Now as of March 2022, we have a Swirling African American woman who is married to a white man descendant of slave owners and they both have half breed confused children. As always mentally unstable space cadet President Biden who will only served one term has always selected black women that are either married to a white man, and LGBT black woman and or bi-racial in ethnicity woman such as Kamala Harris who is also married to a white Jewish man who is descendants of the oppress Jewish people under the German Nazi concentration camps. Biden who won the election by error or by tampering with the Republican and independents ballots have never selected a strong black woman who is married to a black man with strong support of the black empowerment and independence from America’s systemic racism and neither has He ever elected a proud black man married to a proud black woman. If Biden does decide to elect or nominated a black man then it is usually a Gay Black man or a black man who is an uncle tom, sell out and married to a white woman just like Current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who was nominated by Former President George Bush.


We all understand what happens with a black women who marries a white men! which is a topic that I have discussed previously in the article ” Who wears the pants in a bi-racial marriage and relationship”. I discussed how a black woman cannot and will no longer be loyal to the black community once married to someone of a different race which creates a state of ambivalence within each person involved in the relationship and their respective family members and friends. More so it causes a sense of force loyalty based on the relationship but not on the actual facts of the event at hand either be positive or negative. Mrs. Ketanji Brown was born to parents who struggle through the hardship of Jim crow and segregation; while, her great-grandparents endure the raft and onslaught of slavery, lynching, hanging, bucking farms, alligator babies, rape and force incest; Yet, she still betrayed her African American Heritage, struggles, pain and suffering to married a descendant of slaves owners and black baby killers.

Indeed, Ketanji Onyika Brown abandoned her black roots, origins, birth name to carried the named of a Neanderthal Cave dweller surgeon. I congratulate him in finding a wife that sooths him and compliments Mrs. Ketanji with a perk of benefit such as the privilege of been nominated to the supreme court based on the skin color of her husband. Certainly, if she was married to a black man then her name would have never touch the lips of our current mentally unstable and child pervert space cadet Biden. The only African American women that get selected to high positions of prestige and authority are those black women that are either married to a white man, bi-racial and or members of the LGBT community. Yes, Black America, the only time you are considered valuable is when you are not following the norms of been straight, full black with a black husband or boyfriend which should lead everyone but more so true African Americans to understand that the agenda of white America is to destroyed the purity of black families and encourage the promotion and devotion of black women and black men that divest  and abandoned the African American struggle, heritage and culture.

We have already dealt with uncle tom Clarence Thomas who got away with his sexual harassment towards Anita Hill, a black woman, while He was chair of the equal employment opportunity commission and during her testimony in 1991 at the supreme court nominee hearing she brough forth the madness of this sellout house negro with his sexual deviance. Yes, He will be nominated as supreme court and will replace another African American supreme court justice Marshal Thurgood, the civil rights enforcer. Of course, Whtie America can never allow two blacks to sit in at the same time: therefore, before they nominated another black person they must get rid of the current black supreme justice and as you can see by now that uncle tom Clarence Thomas is very sick; thus far, He will be medically retired or accidentally put to sleep by racist elite doctors at the request of congress under the guidance of systemic racism in order to let the Swirling Ketanji sit in as the 116th Supreme Court Justice Judge.

Now, Ketanji Brown claims to be a proud African American woman; Yet, she wears a white woman wigs, weaves, extensions on her head, fake white woman eye lashes on her eyes and Hyenas claws on her nail courtesy of Asian nail saloons who do not hire black people, who do not invest or give back to the black community and who take away the little money that the black community has. Of course, Lets not forget all the Asian beauty shops that are making millions of dollars off the insecurities and shame of black women refusing to wear their own naturally given by birth hair. How can Ketanji Brown represent the interest of black America when she spends thousands of dollars in Friesian Horse hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair in order to look like a white woman with severe sun tanning. Ketanji speaks very white, walks very white, behave very white and acts very white, so how can she represent the African American community. There is a difference in a black person been educate and well spoken and Ketanji Brown speaking and acting white which is completely different from a true pro black educated person who speaks well but He/She stills has the black fury of black freedom,, empowerment, generational wealth for the black community which is something that I and many African Americans do not see in Ketanji Onjika Brown who now goes by the name of her slave master Husband Patrick Jackson.

Many Racist white Americans readers and the sellouts uncle tom African Americans will be upset and disgusted by some of the things mention in this article and of course they will always attack grammar and sentencing as a distraction to the message that is within this article written for my black people and only my beloved African Americans, Afro Caribbean, Afro Latinos and those who considered themselves black and loyal to the empowerment of blacks around the world  in order to make everyone of us understand that we are been taking for a ride, lied to, intentionally misled into a state of confusion while white America is laughing at us today, tomorrow and  always  since we are accepting  whatever garbage they give  and offer us such as symbolisms, Juneteenth, the face of black woman on a quarter and a twenty dollar bill, Karmala Harris and now Ketanji aka Swirling Sista with Friesian Horse Hair on her head” which will not do anything to stop systemic racism, discrimination, unemployment, poverty, fatherless homes, lack of generational wealth etc.. in our black communities and among the less fortune African Americans homeless, neighborhoods and broken homes that are in desperate need of repair, rehabilitations and unification. Listen very carefully Black America, Ketanji Jackson will vote to free all the white suspects, protect the race soldiers aka white police officers, support the racist white prosecutors,  endorsed the racist district attorney, create new laws to destroyed the symbol of black masculinity and put all African American men, children at the mercy of a racist white jury and judicial system.


Stewart, E. “Who Wears the Pants in a Bi-racial Marriage and Relationship” Nov. 25, 2021.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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