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Who Wears The Pants in a Bi-racial Marriage And Relationship.

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( America has always wonder why are African Americans so fascinated with dating, sleeping, marrying a white person and the controversies that come along with this type of relationships. Many of us have heard of the word Swirling which is a term use in the black community in which there is a physical and emotional relationship between two partners of different cultures, nationalities, race and or ethnicities.

Today, it is quite common to see a black men dating or married to a white woman and a black woman dating or married to a white man; but, the question that all of us have wonder for a long time is who wears the pants, who bends the knee to whom, who follows who, and who is the Alpha male/female. Well, I will give you a clue ” Not Black”. Indeed, when it comes to interracial relationships and marriage the white men and the white woman will always lead the way and the black men and black woman will follow like puppies chasing their toys not realizing that they are the toys.

First, we will talk about the black woman that is dating or married to a white men!. In this relationship the black sister regardless of her up bringing she will speak, dress, act, behave and carry herself like a lady when even she is around the white men. She will never raise her voice at him, she will never curse at him, she will never do anything to upset him in private and in public places. Now, this behavior is not typical of black woman in America because we all understand that when a black woman dates a black men she does the opposite and she is very quick to raise their voice and assault the black men. This behavior is what white America called the willie lynch syndrome instill on African Americans during the slavery days of obedience and submission to the white men and disobedience to your own black people.

Once a black woman married a white men, she will follow him to the depths of hell and she will become like him with the same hatred toward black men for no obvious reason except for the old saying of “A negro with a big penis is a treat to white pride”. Indeed, the treat is not the size only but the idea that the black men is the only species in the planet that can reproduce himself to his image in any other female race on the earth but more so a black men is the only creature that can out fuck the white men in America. Now, going back to the issue at hand, A white men upon marriage to a black woman will immediately move her into a white neighborhood, introduce her to new white people who will now become her only friends and their children with only attend white schools and have only white friends, white babysitters and tutors. Yes, this is what a man suppose to do and a woman should always follow her men.

Now, Lets talk about the black brothers who married a white woman in America! In this relationship it does not go as smooth as it is in the relationship of a white men and a black woman. In the dating or marriage between the black men and a white woman, it is the white woman who wears the pants, the hat, the jacket, the cigar and the belt. Yes, I am laughing my ass off because it is true. For some unknown reasons when a black men marries a white woman, He become a Beta male, a simp, a lame and a slave to the pale skin woman with no buttocks or with implants on her butt, lips and breast. Yes, our great strong brothers and kings of all kings turn into pussy dolls when they date or married a white woman. Why? An answer that America has been wanting to know for a long time.

Once a black men marries a white woman, she tells him what to do and how to do it. She also tells the black men that they are moving into a white neighborhood, He will only be allow to have new white friends and their children will only attend white schools, white babysitters, white tutors, white doctors, white everything and that so called strong black men will follow her, obey her and bend the knee to that she devil. lol. Wait a minute. I thought that it is the men that leads the way in a relationship? No, only when the woman is not white. Yes, the black men of America that swirls with a white woman is no longer a man but a slave caught up in the entanglement of Willie Lynch not Jada Pinkett entanglement but the one in which the black men that marries a white woman will and remain the slave of that white woman and he will go to war for her and do everything in his power to make her feel like an Egyptian Goddess and she will make that black brother turn against his own black community.

I know how hard this sound but it is very sad to see that our strong black brothers and sisters will bend the knee and surrender to the will of their white husbands and white wife’s but when it comes to a relationship and marriage between a black men with a black woman neither of the two will bend to each others will and neither will respect, love and obey each other. It is true that as of November 2021, African Americans do not know how to love, respect each other and come to an understand that is beneficial to both and to the African American communities.

With that said, Here is the best part that will make you scratch your head and say really! When a white woman dates or gets married to a Middle Eastern, Hispanic or Asian men, the relationship is lead by the men and not by white woman. In the same manner when a black woman dates or married those aforementioned ethnic groups, it is her who leads and makes the decisions. Quite interesting, would you readers agree with me! It seems to me based on what we see in real life, social media etc…. that a white woman follows everyone else except for the Black American men and the black woman leads everyone else except for the white men of America. Does this mean that in the eyes of a white woman and a white men that black men and black woman are inferior to every other race. I guess we have a lot of thinking and soul searching to do because it is obvious to me that a black man is still a slave and the black woman is the tool use to maintain that cycle which makes her the image of black masculinity and the black men the image of femininity and submissiveness.

Yes, it appears that African American men who married white woman are indeed the weakest link in bi-racial relationship and marriage and as long as weak ass black men continue to run from your black community and black woman you are allowing yourself to be manipulated and use by the daughters, sisters and cousins of the same white men that calls you the “N” word and white woman who is the very image and representation of the white men supremacy and systemic racism and for that reason you will never be respected in America. So, it is time to stop this bullshit of Swirling with demons and daughters of the slave masters because every time you married a she devil you are destroying yourself as a men and as a African American descendant of African Slaves who endure the hardship, oppression, humiliation, lynching, starvation imposed by the forefathers of those you seek to take to bed in order to free yourself from the shame of been a black men and or black woman. Wake up black men! Wake up black woman because even in marriage to a white person in America does not set you free from been a slave to the Willie Lynch system of psychological slavery and control of your minds.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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4 Responses to “Who Wears The Pants in a Bi-racial Marriage And Relationship.”
  1. Kj says:

    Why is it that African Americans are fascinated in marrying whites. Many times it is the reverse. Tired of amateur journalists writing articles with No editorial oversight .

  2. David Freeman says:

    Um, I am a White (although half latino I look straight white) male and I have had a couple serious relationships with some wonderful Black women but I hate to say I have to disagree. Maybe we were the exception as opposed to the rule but they were strong black women with me and did not behave or submit in the ways described here. I understand there is much truth to this throughout American history but whomever wrote this just sounds super angry at white people.because wow, not how it was at all and personally would have hated the relationships if they were that way. And please, don’t use some tired arguement of “I am the white guy who was in charge and too ignorant, blind, entitled or stupid to see what was really happening”

  3. Jack says:

    This article is trash and is utterly offensive and appalling. Does this author have any real idea of what he’s talking about? Or is he just spouting a bunch of garbage trying to piss people off and create more division than there already is? I feel really sorry for the author and anyone who believes or subscribes to trash like this article. I find it hard to believe, or at least I truly hope, that nobody would be able to take this trash seriously given how poorly it’s written. There are so many typos and grammatical errors in this article. I’m sure a 5th grader could have done a better job writing it. This author can’t even differentiate between when to use man vs men. How can anyone take this serious? How did this even make it past editing without someone saying, “bro, your writing is crap and you look like/come off as a moron.” I can only speculate this author is a waterhead baby-child that was conceived with a weak sperm and that his dad must have peed in his mom’s vagina at the time of conception. God help him. He needs Jesus in a big big way. LORD please forgive him, for he knows not the extent of his ignorance and stupidity. And LORD, forgive me if I have spoke too harshly, though I suspect my words are no comparison for the wrath You will pour out on people like this author. Father God, in the name of Yeshua, please reveal Yourself to this author, show him the error of his ways and bring him to a saving knowledge of and relationship with You so he may be transformed into someone who speaks truth and life instead of ignorance, deceitfulness and death. Bless him LORD as only You can. Amen

  4. Sweta says:

    I understand there is much truth to this throughout American history but whomever wrote this just sounds super angry at white people.because wow, not how it was at all and personally would have hated the relationships if they were that way.


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