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Let Racist America Fight their Own Demonic Wars.

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( By now we have all seen the situation unfolding in the Southeastern area of Europe near the Baltic Sea where the Russian Federation have began their military attack and advances on the Territory of Ukraine in order to stop the advancement of NATO agenda to place missiles and troop closer to the Russian border violating Russian sovereignty: But, more so to halt the rebirth and rise of Nazism which has its original roots in the political principle of the national Socialist German workers party that was led by former white supremacy and killers of Jewish babies Adolf Hitler. Ukraine has become the new safe haven for extreme racist authoritarian views and behavior that has taking over the entire Ukrainian population that includes civilians, politicians and military personnel with many of them using and carrying the Nazi symbol of hate, white supremacy and racism on their uniforms, necklace, helmets and even tattooed on their bodies. Indeed, these Ukrainians soldiers, civil defense forces and civilians were bearing the symbol of a Black Sun also known as the “Schwarze Some or Somenrad” which is the powerful racist symbol of Nazism use by Hitler and his third right Henchmen, Gestapo and in America it is widely use by Racist Police Officers, Proud Boys, the 3% and white American militia groups.

The Ukranian soldiers should remind everyone of the Nazi soldiers who went on a campaign of annihilation and extermination of the Jews and the destruction of Europe in order to bring back the old ways of complete and total Aryan supremacy around the world . Yes, The Ukranian are no innocent people and neither do they ever wish any good for the Jewish and African Communities; therefore, no Jewish person, no African and no African American should shed tears and blood for a country that does not value your own human life. African Americans should not fight for them or fight for America to defend America against another white let army and country. Russia has not make any treats to black America and neither have they make any threats or harm in anyway any African American men, women, child, elderly and or disabled. I have never been harmed or threaten by a Russian men or women; Yet, many African Americans and myself have been threaten, discriminated and had the police called on us in front of our own home by Racist white Americans who want me and other African American men and women to go fight a white Russian men to defend another racist white Ukranian men, women and child..

America 2022

Racist America want everyone to feel sorry for the deaths of Ukranian civilians and have place sanctions on Russia and Vladimir Putin for causing those deaths. Yet, when was the last time that Racist white America sanction themselves for killing hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, Afghan civilian, Libyan civilians during the American onslaught to eradicate Saddam Hussein, Al Qaida, The Taliban, Muhamad Qadhafi etc.. lets not forget the millions of innocent civilians that died during the Vietnam war when white American Politician, Generals, Soldiers and military contractors drop bombs indiscriminately on villagers who had nothing to do with the war and the many massacre of villagers at the hands of angry racist white soldiers. Yes, America drop more bombs on Vietnam than all the other wars combine together in which America was a participant. The United States of America and their military industrial complex have killed and destroyed the life of hundreds of thousands in the middle east and millions in the Vietnam war and they are yet to be sanction and punished by their atrocities for their crimes against humanity.

American soldiers have killed more innocent people abroad than all the axis of evil combine together in over 100 years. America has killed its own citizens and denied every bit of it even though they were caught on camera. American fighter pilots have drop bombs on the houses of innocent civilians in the middle east and in Africa: Yet, they refuse to apologize and take responsibility for their inept and evil actions against the lives of brown skin and black skin people. You heard me clearly! when the lives of those affected by American bombs, missiles and bullets are brown skin and black skin, America does not care and gives a fuck about tit. But when the lives of those affected by warfare are white women, white children and white men then America wants justice, revenge, reparations, sanctions and embargo’s. When innocent Afghan, Somalis, Iraklis, and Syrians Childrens were dying at the hand of America’s war on terror were was the sanctions and were was CNN, FOX News, CBS, ABC and MSNBC news media. Of course they were no where to be found because those children were black and brown. Now, you have white children with blue eyes and blonde hair dying and the racist white mainstream media is covering everything and demanding justice for those white children.

Indeed, Black America! what you are witnessing is double standard, bias, prejudice and systemic racism that all blacks living in America endure on a daily basis. Now, you see that when it come to which life is value more, it is the life of white children that are value more than that of your children, so why in the hell will you want to go fight for a racist country to defend another racist country from another white country. My fellow African Americans, Afro-Caribbean and Afro Latinos for how long are you going to continue to be blind and not see that America only cares about the life of their own white people and other white people in other countries, so why will you fight for them and die for them?, No African Americans should go to war against Russia for white America; No African American should killed a Russian soldier to please a racist white American president, General, Sergeant and or platoon leader. No African Americans should shed any blood for a country that only values the life of white people and only sees you as a tool to enforce their racist agenda against the world.

Remembered that when black soldiers returned home they are still called niggers, Super predators, animals, lazy, thugs, etc.. by the same people you went to war to protect. When black soldiers returned home from serving 8 years of active duty they are denied jobs, housing and business opportunities; white, the white soldier returning home after serving only 3 years or after been kick out with an “article 15” and a dishonorable discharge is able to get two jobs, two houses and two business loans and grants. Black soldiers returned home to be killed by police officers and white soldier returned home to become police officers who then turn around and killed black soldiers for simply been black and well endowed.

With that said, it is time for all African American men and women to wake up and realize that we will never be accepted as equal to a white men and women and never will America give you reparations for slavery and create laws to punished race soldiers aka “white police officers” for killing innocent black children, men and women based solely on our skin color. White America only enjoys and wants the presence of black people around when they need us to entertained them with basketball, football, music, comedy, in times of war and conflict with other nations, to spend money in liquor stores to keep us in a state of drunkenness, to prayed and worship the Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity and to giver the black wealth away to black pastors and priest preaching the celestial garbage of their Neanderthal cave dwellers slave masters, who then put that money, donations and payments in white Banks that will then in turn lend that money as loans and grants to other racist white Americans.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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