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It was Unacceptable for Will Smith to Slapped Chris Rock Over a Woman.

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( On the most prestigious night of America’s film, movie, motion picture arts and Sciences known as the Oscars; currently celebrating their 94th award ceremony to honor the best films released between March 1 to December 31, 2021, we watch an insecure and jealous African American man walk up to another African American man and slapped him viciously over words or comments made as a joke which is customary of every host at the Oscars awards to do in order to entertain and engaged the attended, invited guest and nominees for that night. I have seen many host and comedians make jokes and fun of white actors and musicians such as Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Alicia Silverstone, Cameron Diaz, Jim Carey, Robin Williams etc.. who are white and neither have ever walk up on the stage to slapped anyone regardless of what was said about them. But only African Americans want to displayed the image of violence already given to them by the same people who make and give out the Oscars Awards.

The world and the entire nation saw two African American men get in slightly verbal and physical confrontation displaying the symbol of violence, aggression, mental instability and emotional trauma that racist America constantly portrays and divulge about the black men of America who will fight and killed each other like animals for the simple things such as the color of your clothing, the shoes been worn and more so over the inappropriate behavior of a black woman who does not know how to control her sexual desires and keep her legs closed. Yes, we do know why Mr. Will Smith is so angry about! and it is not Chris Rock; instead it is the memes and mockery about him been taken for a fool and a simp by Mrs. Jada Pink. Mr. Will Smith was laughing at the jokes of Chris Rock as he has done for many years when Chris Rock throw jabs at everyone at the Oscars, music awards, essence awards, NAACP awards, and stand up comedy events. So Why is Will mad now about a simple joke on his cheating wife?


On the night of the Oscars we saw and emotional angry Will Smith smack Chris Rock on the face with his right open hand with a force enough to cause facial damage and contusion over an innocent joke about Jada Pinkett having a bald or no hair. Yet, we have not seen Will Smith walk up to August Alsina and smacked him senseless for putting his big dick inside Jada’s Pinkett Loosie Gussie Vagina at his own home. Yes, Will Smith did not get violent with August for fucking his wife behind his back after allowing him to spend time and be part of the Smith Family’s home. Neither did Will punched Marc Anthony for taping and smashing Jada Pinkett ass behind his back and neither did simp Will Smith beat Jada for saying and talking about Tupac Shakur been the one that she really wanted to married and the only one that she really love.

Now, Racist America and white people have watched this scene unfold and in their mind it reassures them that indeed black men are violent, unstable, emotional and dumb as fuck: but more so, because everyone is saying that Will Smith was right to defend his cheating woman then white people can now say that they also have the right to defend and assault any black men and black women for anything that they said about the white American community. No charges have been filed and no one was arrested and white people and black people are not demanding for Will Smith’s arrest; Therefore, if a white man, decides to walk up on stage and slapped a black comedian, host or entertainer then black America cannot point the finger at the white man because they did not point the finger at the emotional unstable black man, Will Smith.

Certainly, Will Smith would have never walk up on stage and smacked anyone if the host, comedian, entertainers had been a white man, a white woman or a Jewish person because his black ass would have been put in handcuffed immediately even without the white host pressing charges and white people at the Oscars would have demanded for justice. Indeed, In America no black men or black women have the right to lift a hand or finger at a white person regardless if the white person started the fight and assaulted you or spits in your face first. So wake up black America and do not tolerate this behavior among our people because we only have ourselves to defend ourselves against the pale skin demons of the west. I should mention that the fault lies in Jada Pinkett for manipulating the situation and indirectly telling Will to do something about it and He been so in love with her and weary of what she will think of him if nothing is said or done, He was involuntary force to proved his insecurity and lame masculinity on national TV by confronting a fellow black men, brother, descendant of African slaves and hitting him with no respect for the African American community in front of the Neanderthal cave dweller aka white people who could careless if blacks are fighting and killing each other over nothing which in their eyes is one less nigger to worry about.

Dear Will Smith, if you were a real proud black man, you would have divorced Jada Pinkett for all her indiscretion, infidelities, insults, emasculation, embarrassment and betrayal that she has caused and brough into your life. It was your cheating wife, who caused America to make a mockery and meme’s of you and your family. No one put a gun, knife, noose to the neck of Jada Pinkett and force her to cheat and fuck around with multiple men below your level and behind your back, So please do not blame black America and do not blame Chris Rock for your inabilities to control your freak ass entanglement cheating wife. A real man would have told his wife to calm down, it is not a big deal and it is just part of the Oscars academy awards for the host and entertainer to make fun of their guest. As a man you should have waited until the end and have a private conversation as a fucking man with Chirs Rock and tell him that his joke was not welcome towards your big penis loving wife and the next time He should only make jokes about you and not about her. Yes, this is what a man suppose to do and handle his problems and that of his cheating wife. Will Smith please find another wife or girlfriend because Jada loving big penis Alsina is going to get you lock up, fuck up or dead.

With that said, Black America and fellow African Americans stop fighting each other over a woman, over a simple joke, over material items, over spoken or written words, over religion, over wealth and over stupid things that are not doing anything to get our black community out of the current situation of poverty, unemployment, fatherless home, lack education, crime, excessive abortion, sexually transmitted diseases; envy, jealousy and hatred towards each other. Let’s save that energy to fixed the problems in our communities, to empower us, to create generations wealth for our children and to get rid of homelessness in black America. I will leave you with a thought by the producer of the documentary “Fatherless America“‘ by Tommy Sotomayor ” The solution of the black community lies at the very center of having a family that includes a father figure and a mother figure with good morals and a job in the home” which is something that over 80% of black homes do not have and thus causes the destruction and detriment of our children leading to violence, drugs, emotional instability, poverty etc. Below you will find a link to the “Fatherless America” documentary information on the problems of black America. (————

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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