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4th of July is Not a Holiday for African Americans to Celebrate.

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( What is 4th of July for America? It is a day that white Americans who believed they are better than everyone else and constantly portrayed themselves as either victims or heroes celebrate their independence from the former British Empire. It is a federal holiday celebrating the declaration of independence and liberation of the American thirteen colonies that revolted against the harsh ruling of King George III, the British Monarch. On July 4 1776, the white Americans newly united colonies told the world that they will never be rule, oppress, enslave, conquer by any foreign powers and entities; Yet, these same people crying freedom and asking for equality turn around and continue the oppression on the black slaves and the free slaves who fought alongside them to defeat the British.

You heard it and you have read about it! The African Americans who at that time were slaves and also refer to as negros played a significant role in the liberation and revolutionary war against the British Empire given freedom to white Americans from their British oppressors. Black Slaves, Negros and Niggers help white America gain their independence by joining the white American militia groups and fighting the red coats using gorilla warfare tactics that the American white continental Army had never seen before. The slaves took up muskets, knifes, three branches and anything that they could find to fight alongside their slave masters and white American oppressor fight their white enemies and at the end of the war the only thing the black slaves and negros receive was a Noose on their neck, a whip on their backs, their penis cut off and their wife and children rape by the white American continental army soldiers and white militia.


throughout history, African Americans have fought for this country, beginning with the war of independence, revolutionary war, civil war, Mexican-American war, WWI, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, etc.. and yet African American soldiers return home only to be welcome by racist white Americans chanting Nigger go home, Monkey, Dirty Negro, Stinking Negro; but, more so returning home only to be lynch, rob, beaten, assaulted, killed, rape and sodomies by the same white people that African Americans went to war to protect and defend. Look how many black soldiers returned from Vietnam, WWW2 and the Korean war with stories about white American soldiers shooting at them, assaulting them, lynching them at the bases and camps while overseas fighting for America. Lets not forget the many stories of white American GI soldiers raping children in the villages of Vietnam and the atrocities of the My Lai massacre of innocent Vietnamese women, children and elderly at the hands of racist White American soldiers with small private parts also known as Race Soldiers who will later on become police officers.

The Fourth of Julys is not a celebration for African Americans but in reality a day of sadness because many blacks did the right thing by joining the military and going to war to proved to these racist white Americans that they love America and that they were willing to forgive white people for their wrong doings on to them and also willing to die for this country; even thought, this country did not considered anything that was black or had a one pint of blackness as humans beings or American citizens. Yes, in those days and even today white America considers black people to be 3/5 of a human being. When white Americans celebrate fourth of July they are only given thanks and reverence to the white soldiers who fought and die for them but they are not doing the same for African Americans since they rather prayed for all blacks to be either dead, in prison, unemployed or homeless. Of course, they will celebrate with fireworks, picnics, BBQ, games etc.,, but it is only a fasad to hide they true intentions of actually celebrating white power and white supremacy.

African Americans have fought and die for this country in every war that America has created, started and or initiated legally, illegally or with a false flag: Yet, the only black soldiers and their families have received after returning home is the white men calling them niggers, super predators, monkeys, savages, up to no good, lazy, etc.. So why do African Americans continue to celebrate and spend your money on things given reverence to the 4th of July which is a day of white people for white people. Many black soldiers after returning from WW2 were still not allowed to eat or sit down in a restaurant next to white people and even in the military barracks the blacks were separated from the white soldiers and they also ate after the white soldiers finish eating. Of course, like always the black soldiers received the leftovers of the white soldiers which was the same thing that white slave masters did with their negro slaves. Lets not forget that black nurses were not allow to treat or care for wounded white American soldiers; Instead, the black nurses were only allow to care for the black soldiers, the German soldiers and Vietnamese soldiers. Likewise, black injured soldiers were separated from the white American wounded soldiers and these poor black soldiers were place outside in the inclement of bad weather while their fellow white American soldiers were inside the hospital tent with a roof over their heads, a warmth blanket, medicine and good food.

African American soldiers and veterans struggle the most in America to get jobs, loans, grants, houses and medical care while white American soldiers who have been kick out from the military with an article 15 and a Dishonorable discharge are able to get jobs, loans, grants, free health insurance, houses, business etc.. Indeed, the white soldiers getting kick out from the military are able to become police officers and turn around and killed a black soldier and veteran for not wearing a seat belt or for not having his car insurance up to date. So the question that I have for Black America is why are you celebrating 4th of July and why are you allowing your children, love ones, family members and friends to waste their time joining the United States military knowing for a fact that they will not be treated equally to a white soldier and must likely they will be killed by a retarded racist white soldiers who will become a cop after been kick out from the military with a Dishonorable discharge which is like a felony x2 in the civilian world.

A message to my beloved strong and proud African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Latinos living in America, stop celebrating 4th of July, stop spending money on anything related to the fourth of July, stop eating or socializing with anyone who celebrates the 4th of July because it is a day of white power and white supremacy for white America, You are not intended as African Americans to be part of this celebration because it is not for you and in reality is just for them and only them because they only see themselves as Americans and they see you as a burden in their country that they must tolerate and used since African American are the biggest spenders and entertainers of the American cultures, Yes, African American spend more money than any other minority race and even white people in America when it comes to holidays, birthdays, and symbolism celebrations such at the Juneteenth garbage given to black America by a space cadet president who only dreams about white children with blue eyes and little skirts crossing their legs.

With that said, No African Americans should celebrate any white holidays or any holidays given to us blacks by white America since they themselves do not see us as human beings and they are always willing to lie on us, call the police on us, deny us jobs, loans, grants and throws us in jail for no legal reason, but for just been black and been proud of standing up for the black empowerment movement. You have seen what they have done to Martin Luther King and how they go after any black men or black women that stands up for the rights of his/her black people and you have also seen how they are attempting to crucified John Fitzgerald also known as Grand Master Jay, the Leader of the largest African American militia in the history of the United States and the world. Indeed, I am talking about “NFAC” The Not Fucking Around Coalition of strong black men and black women with military background totaling almost 193,000 thousand free law abiding gun owning citizen willing to fight and protect black America from racist white men, proud boys, patriot front, replacement theory, white supremacy, Neo-Nazis, and any other white group that are preparing to attack and killed black Americans.

Remember African Americans that we only have each other and only us can fix our problems and solve the issues that are destroying our community due in part to the agenda and ulterior motives of the white American government to keep black America in a state of chaos, confusion, poverty, unemployment, fatherless home, drugs, alcohol, violence, and the negative aspect of rap music pushing death and destruction in our black communities. It is time black America to only do for us and celebrate our own holidays created by us for us and only spend our money with us by us today, tomorrow and always. So please Black America: Do Not Celebrate the Fourth of July but instead lets all get together on that day to march for the freedom of Grand Master Jay and other black leaders wrongfully arrested by this racist American government.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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