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How is saving lives of black children bad for African-American women?

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( I understand that politicians in general, and godless neo-Leninist liberals specifically, are dishonest, conscienceless and will say and do anything to get elected and stay elected. They would sell their souls to remain in office, and the overwhelming majority has done just that. As a whole, politicians are the worse America has to offer, exceeded only the media and the whorish so-called entertainment industry.

But, it is the depth and totality of evil that both consumes and motivates these creations I find so utterly abhorrent. It is also the depth and totality of moral bankruptcy that defines them – but more on that perhaps later.

As expected, this depravity has risen to new levels since the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

As expected, the American demographic that has been immediately paraded to the front of the line is the very American demographic that has suffered the most severe disparate impact from abortion of any people.


Americans who are controlled, marginalized and who exhibit behavioral characteristics of feral animals, that portion of the population that foolishly revels in being recognized as a Crayola crayon color, which in reality is the ultimate form of marginalization, have been money in the bank for the abortion industry. But, the very politicians who supposedly care about the well-being of these people who have been conditioned to believe they can do nothing of merit without help, are the people contributing the most to the disaffection of the crayon-color women as a whole.

It is no secret that so-called black women have led the world percentage-wise in the industrialization of the systematic extermination of their future generations. What makes it worst is the never-ending compendium of complaint that the so-called “white man” and especially law enforcement are out to get them.

We’ve all heard LeBron James endlessly pontificate per how black folks can’t walk out of the house without a white man, and specifically a white cop, waiting to kill them. “LowBrain” James is incorrect; his inordinate fear of law enforcement is misplaced. It’s the so-called white man in the form of Planned Parenthood and the crayon-color-identified politicians who are out to kill him and his kind; not the man with a badge.

The life expectancy of so-called black youth in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Camden and South Central Los Angeles is disproportionately low compared to the life expectancy of young people living in Montana, Utah or Doctor Philips, Florida. But, the domicile with the lowest life expectancy for so-called black children is their mother’s womb, and that cannot be blamed on “white” law enforcement or “white” conservatives or President Trump.

Of the 29 states reporting abortion numbers by skin, 95% of abortions were so-called black women having their children murdered. Nearly 40 percent of all abortions are performed on so-called black women.

Take Stacy Abrams. Abrams is representative of the cloven-hoofed politician who trades upon betraying the people for whom she feigns concern. So-called black people comprise approximately 32% of Georgia’s population, but the women of said demographic account for over 62% of the children murdered by abortion. While so-called whites comprises approximately 61% of the Georgia’s population, they account for less than 25% of the children murdered by abortion.

Crayon color women are more than five times as likely as so-called white women to have an abortion. The great lie that shriveled up old prunes like Oprah and those with simian-like qualities, such as the Obama woman and Nikole Hannah-Jones, continue to spew is one about law enforcement. All of the law enforcement in the world does not hold a candle to Planned Parenthood when it comes to killing “black” children. It’s worth noting that approximately 80% of all Planned Parenthood centers of extermination are within walking distance of black crayon-color neighborhoods.

This takes me back to my opening paragraphs. How does it go unaddressed that the very people who claim to be against those they blame as responsible for targeting their people for death, support the single greatest killer of so-called black people in the history of America, if not the world?

How can people not see the contradiction? Consider how demonically driven a people must be to, on the one hand, blame “white” people for targeting so-called black children who are allegedly killed for free, but fighting to maintain the most prolific industrial extermination industry of all time. An industry, I mind you where the very people who complain about “whites” out to kill them, not only go to have their children murdered, but they pay the so-called white man to murder the children they are carrying.

And these are the people who have the audacity to claim that saving the lives of tens and tens of millions of so-called black children will be harmful to crayon-color black women. Explain that to me in a way that makes sense.

Columnist; Mychal Massie

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