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Should African American Women be Concerned with Roe vs. Wade?

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( The Supreme Court of the United States of America have decided to overturned their support of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade Abortion Law making it an unprecedent and historic event that have captivated the country and divided the nation against each others on the left and on the right and on such a delicate issue affecting the life of millions of women and children. This court ruling with a vote of 6 to 3 makes it illegal for any woman of any race, color, gender, creed, religion to have an abortion after getting impregnated with an unwanted child regardless if the pregnancy was the result of a rape, incest or accidental. So, Should African American Women be worried, happy or remain neutral on the criminalization of Abortion by the United States Supreme Court.

What is Abortion? Abortion is the termination of any pregnancy by using any method available of expulsion and either removal of a fetus and or embryo. This is a process of literally killing a future child or human being by the decision of a pregnant American women, who do not desire to continue with their pregnancy and who takes the risk of death, permanent injury, emotional distress by getting this procedures at places such as doctors offices, abortion clinics, planet parenthood, at home or abroad in foreign countries such as Mexico, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico and Colombia. The Decision of Abortion for any women to take is based on several factors such as socio-economical, Psychological, incest, rape, carelessness, immaturity, family and peer pressure.

Roe vs. Wade african americans

Believe it or not! White American women have more abortions than all minorities combine in America but like always it is in the best interest of White America and White Supremacy to push the Abortion agenda as the leading cause of death among new born black babies. Abortion kills more white children in America than any other European country in the world which have resulted in a low and under growth birth of the white American population, which puts them at the risk of becoming a minority group in or about 60 years. Indeed, the number of white children birth’s have decline severely in the last 20 years, while the birth of Hispanics children has skyrocket tremendously which puts the Hispanic community at the brink of becoming the majority by the year 2082. Surely, this should not be of concerned to Black America since our community will always be the minority in everything regardless if our numbers increase or decrease; Yet, this is very important, because white America is constantly concerned about the growth and decline of the black populations since the African American communities are the ones selected for their strong organs, body tissues, slave prison labor, entertainment and the guinea pig for new drugs and new diseases.

We all know that the average Hispanic couple has or give birth to 3 to 10 children per family, The average black women has 3 to 20 children with 3 to 20 different black men and the White American couple has between 1 to 3 children per family but usually one of the children comes out with cerebral Pasley, down syndrome and/or autism for which He or She will not be counted, leaving behind only 2 children per white family which in turns means that one of the two children will remain single and not have any kids and the remaining child will repeat their parents step and have only 1 to 3 children. So the Question that I have for everyone is ” Who is leading in America in birth rate and whose community has a higher chance of becoming the majority in the next 60 years?. America has realize that if they continue granting the right to abortions to all women then the white community will be at the brink of extinction; and knowing for a fact hat in America, white people are dying at a higher rate than their counterparts in Europe. Are You Still Reading and Listening Black America?

Similar to Christianity aka “The Religion of the Slaves”, Abortion was purposely pushed and instill onto the African American community to reduce their numbers but more so to use the tissues and the discarded organs of the fetus and embryos to conduct experiments, to make vaccines and to study the biological and physiological aspects of the African American male and female growth via the use of the aborted babies for ulterior motives against the black community and for the benefits and well being of the white American community. The American government from the very beginning of slavery have encourage and told black women and black men to have unprotected sex, to have children out of wedlock, to use their unwanted babies as revenues for welfare and when they cannot carry a child to full term to just have an Abortion. My fellow black sisters and mothers are you ever wonder why all the Abortion clinics such as Planet Parenthood are located primarily in predominant black communities and poor communities? Have you every asked what do they do with the aborted tissues and left overs of the fetus and embryos? Must likely, neither you, your family, your baby daddies, your single parent mother have never asked those questions and you have never receive any explanations of what they do with your fetus and embryos after leaving the Killing Room.

The American government have never encourage, mandated, oblige, and force any member of the black community to abstain from having sex, to use condoms during any sexual encounter, to avoid having children out of wedlock, to test yourself every year for STD and a regular blood A1c check up. On the other hand, The American government and white people in general have created a chaos and promoted the oversexualization, sex, drugs, abortion and violence in the African American communities using their tools and weapons of mass destructions such as Rap Music, Black churches, House negro leaders, reality ghetto shows, dehumanizing and demonizing TV/Cable shows such as P-Valley, Love & Hip Hop and many others media outlets that constantly depicts the black community as violent, homosexuals, drug addicts, drug dealers, thugs, sex addicts, super predators, lazy, twerking hoes etc.,, which are things that are not part of the African American community but instead learned behaviors dating back to the oppression of slavery, segregation and Willie Lynch psychological warfare on the minds of black people and force upon our community by the slave masters and the children of the slave master for which we know them today as Democrats and Republicans.

Now, Should African American women be concerned with the Roe vs Wader? The answer is Yes and No. I understand that some may disagree and say that they cannot be two answers to this question but indeed there are more than a dozens answers for the African American community because we are the ones that are going to suffer the most and be use as an escape goat for the wrath of crazy white Americans who believe and follow the Replacement Theory and White Supremacy. For the last 400 years of black people living in this country, we as a people have been blame for everything, we have been demonized, dehumanized, label, profile, abuse, incarcerated, discriminated, lynch and killed by white people for the simple fact that they do not like us as a people base on our race and for the things that we are capable of doing but not yet aware of it. African Americans have been blame for chicken pox, Ebola, AIDS/HIV, STD’S, Covid- 19, crimes and so on; Yet, time and time again it has been proven that everything came from them and or created by them with the purpose of eradicating and eliminating any threats to their existence. African American are the lab rat and the escape goat for the flaws, shortcomings and jealousy of white Americans.

As I stated before in many of my articles, the white men of America are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small privates parts. Such state of mind that has been past down to their white women and white children: thus, resulting in the chaos and division in America and the decisions made for pregnant women by a group of people that have been infected by such a psychological and physiological disease. Abortion in the black community is good and bad because it destroys us and benefits those that created every law and have done nothing to allow the black community to surpass and overcome their current condition that is destroying everything surrounding the black culture. White America does not want the number of black people to increase, so they introduce the abortion clinics in the poorest black communities to cut down our numbers but more so to use our children body parts, tissues etc. for experiments, medicine, vaccines and cures for their diseases.

With the new court ruling decision, Abortion will no longer be available for poor black women who cannot afford to have a child resulting from rape, incest, a medical condition that could lead to their death if they give birth to child, to black women involved in a domestic abuse relationship and to black women who just have no care in her life and continues to have unprotected sex with 3 to 15 different saggy pants wearing black men with no job but full of criminal records and stunk of weed. Yes, we have a problem black America with our black sisters young and old having unprotected sex with multiple partners knowing that it could only lead to pregnancy and or a sexually transmitted diseases; which is something that White America wishes on the black community. If African American women continue to have unprotected sex and give birth to children that they cannot afford, then the United States government will l intervene and take your child via the use of Child Protective Services also known as the sex trafficking school for exploited children, where this organization takes this black children’s and put them in foster homes of white people only to become sex objects to the white pedophilia ring in America. Yes, black babies taken away by the Child Protective Services become part of the sex trafficking industry, abuse, exploited, and groomed by white adoptive mothers to become a feminine boys and very manly tomboy girls.

In the United States statistics have demonstrated that white adoptive parents go after black children in order to use them for sexual deviance, child trafficking, and to groomed them into becoming house negros, sellouts; More so, to groomed the black boys to be gay boys and the black girls to be lesbians and butch bumpers. Many black babies adoptive by white parents are abuse, mistreated, discriminated and killed with many of these white foster parents serving no time in jail. LGBT foster parents are allowed to adopt only black babies in many states but they are not allow to adopt white babies, children etc. Indeed, the black orphan babies and those not able to be taken care by their biological black mothers are always given to the gay couple and lesbian couple to be raised n an environment of confusion which leads to a crisis of personality in that black child and the inability to relate to his or her black community. Yes, this is done purposely by our government in order to destroyed the strong alpha image of a black man and alpha black woman. Abortion or not Abortion does not benefit black America in any way but it destroys us either way we see it or take it, since we as a people do not even control our own lives and our own community.

As a community we cannot afford to support abortion and or prevent Abortion but we can start by educating ourselves, love ones, friends, neighbors to open our eyes and to think first about the future before doing anything that we will regret later on in life. Black America we need to come together and begin a new era of responsibility for our actions and not allow anyone that those not look like us or think like us tells our community how to lived our lives and what to do with our life that we are creating. Black American women need to stop having children out of wedlock, we need to stop having unprotected sex, we need to stop the oversexualization of our young boys and girls, we need to stop listening to rap music that promotes death, sex , drugs and destruction in our community, we need to make appointments with black doctors who are Pro black and interested int he well being of our black community, we need to invest in our black communities, we need to bank black by moving all our savings, checking, annuities, crypto currency, pensions etc. into Black Owned Banks such as OneUnited Bank, we need to support black leaders who are true to the cause, education, empowerment of the black community such as Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr Ummar Johnson, Minister Farrakhan, Judge Joe Brown etc.. we need to stop voting for parties that only uses us when they need our votes but they give us nothing in return except for symbolisms and lip service., we need more black women to married black men, we need more black men to married black women, we need to send our children to only black private owned schools and black HBCU’s, we need to open our eyes because we are in danger of ending up in extinction before the children of the slave masters.

With that said, Black America! Abortion does not do anything good or bad for the black community but it does something for the white community and that is the control of our lives, reduction of the black population and the use of our organs for their well being. Remember, when black men and black women die in America even if you are not an organ donor, the hospitals removed the organs of your love ones and they proceed to give and use them to save the lives of other white people awaiting their time in line for an organ transplant from your love ones. Yes, white America hate black America but they love our organs because it is better, stronger, resilient, reliable and more compatible than any other organs of any other community. Indeed. they love us and hates at the same time for what we have inside our bodies, below our waist and behind our backs.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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