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The ‘GOP’ Needs Leadership And a Clear Agenda.

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( I remember a scene from the movie Apocalypse Now when Martin Sheen’s character disembarks the Navy riverine boat at a bridge near the frontlines. He goes down into a bunker and asks, “who is in charge?” A young Black soldier turns to him and says, “ain’t you!”

This came to mind as Republican Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, said during a presentation last week in Kentucky that the Republicans will likely not win the Senate. He seemed to intonate that running for Senate is tougher because the race is statewide and then came the bombshell comment. McConnell attributed his concerns to candidate quality. I imagined myself as a Commander in the Army publicly declaring that my unit was not that good because of soldier quality.

As a leader, you have the responsibility to prepare your group, unit, or organization to be the best. How utterly uninspiring it is to have someone, who one would think wants to be the Senate majority leader, seem to give up without a fight. One would presume that McConnell would be personally involved, as I was with my subordinate leaders, to make sure they were resourced and had a winning agenda and unified message.


The Republican party is not rallying Americans around a clear message in the run up to the midterms. You cannot just sit back and say, “vote against the other guys, they suck.” We all know that the progressive socialist Marxist left (aka the Democrat party) sucks–that is a blinding flash of the obvious. But people want to vote for something, not just against.

Why doesn’t the Republican party formulate a vision that centers around security and freedom?

First, focus on the economic security of Americans. The American people are feeling the pinch when they go to the grocery store. When will Republicans run commercial ads in grocery stores, showing people prices in a comparative aspect? Explain in simple terms that the insidious Inflation Reduction Act does not reduce inflation and assure Americans that it will be repealed on the first day of a new GOP majority in the House and Senate. As well, let Americans know that Republicans will defund the 87,000 new IRS agents the Dems are forcing on Americans.

Second, stress the issue of restoring our energy independence. Make the comparative analysis of where gas prices were the day Joe Biden was sworn in and where they are today. Address how so many Americans in the energy sector have lost their jobs and what Republicans will do to restore them. The reality is that wind and solar are not reliable sources of energy and Americans should not be experiencing pain in order to force them to buy electric vehicles…using Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s words. Express how energy security is tied to our foreign policy and that we should not go hat in hand to the despots and autocrats of OPEC+ for our energy sector requirements. Republicans should explain that they will not draining strategic oil reserves and selling that oil to China.

Third, emphasize the importance of border security, America is being overrun; it is an invasion. In these first years of the Biden regime, we are talking about nearly 3 million illegals entering our country. The GOP should inform Americans that the 800,000 got aways are greater than the active duty strength of our Army and Marine Corps. Democrats who are aiding and abetting human and sex trafficking. The greatest killer of Americans aged 18-45 is fentanyl, shipped from China, produced and manufactured in Mexico by the cartels. The Republicans should say if Joe Biden can have a taxpayer funded wall around his Delaware beach house then Americans can have a wall on the southern border.

Lastly, as it relates to security, address the issue of personal security. The rate of crime in America has skyrocketed due to the ideological agenda of the left and their soft-on-crime policies. We are witnessing wanton lawlessness and it needs to end. The left prefers to unleash criminals on our streets and restrain Americans from being able to defend themselves. Republicans must stand for the 2nd Amendment so that we can protect our families. They also must clearly stand against cultural Marxism and the abhorrent sexualization and exploitation of our kids. Republicans must focus on securing a brighter and better future for our children by educating them, not indoctrinating them.

The issue of security is the rudder that can stabilize our Republic. And along with that, we must promote and defend the Constitution. The Democrat party has made a mockery of the freedoms outlined in the Constitution during COVID and beyond. This is where the Republican party must go on offense as the party of liberty. This election comes down to understanding the right and proper relationship between government and the individual citizen, security of their rights, freedoms, and liberties.

Leaders must lead—not concede defeat before the battle has been fought. Perhaps it is time for a courageous captain to emerge from the ranks of those who love freedom and the Constitution more than they love the establishment.

This election should be a slam dunk for Republicans. But it is not. The good news is that there is still time for individual Republicans to step up to the plate. They don’t need to wait for their so-called leadership.

It would be grand to see the Congressional GOP, incumbents, and candidates, all assembled together on the Capitol steps presenting the American people with their message. They should all get on board the ship and know their task, purpose, and mission. America is upon turbulent seas at this time and that is not the place to have a rudderless ship…and no Captain.

Steadfast and Loyal.

Columnist; Allen West

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