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Motion Graphics Are Effective For Social Media Marketing.

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( Social media marketing extensively uses motion graphics with animated graphic design. Motion graphics breathe life into static graphic components, abstract objects, forms, and text, whereas traditional animation concentrates on characters, tales, and intricate settings. These components are usually put into action to clarify ideas, provide examples, raise awareness, or pique visual interest. Motion graphics don’t require a narrative or a backstory. Yet, along with other aspects like music and voice, the text is a crucial component utilized in custom motion graphics to elevate your message.

Motion graphics for social media ads

When the static text is designed to move in a video clip, it is catchy and allures the imagination of the viewers. Brands use this technique to grasp the attention of their consumers and engage them till the end of the advertisement. The visual impact of titles and logos that move to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of the onlooker, and the impact of the advertisement goes beyond the length of the video that was played. 

Billions of people use social media daily. Few have even turned their entire day and work around their feed and prefer checking the posts of the influencers they like and follow on the social media platform. 

Brands that have realized the potential of reach through this medium are looking at innovative methods to seek the attention of their target consumers and audience. In a world full of unending consumable content, motion graphics can be used to convey the context of the content in a meaningful manner and within a short timeframe. 

Using motion graphics in your social media posts and advertisements is one approach to capture readers’ fleeting attention and deliver your message. Incidentally, motion graphics also offer fun ways to appeal to the viewer, and the conversion rates and ROI are higher. 

Here are some of the benefits of using motion graphics in social media marketing and ads:

Stand out in crowd

Like most people, if you have used social media then you must have come across several advertisements in your feed. Depending on your interests, location, and other factors like age and gender, the platform’s algorithm will show different marketing ads in the feed. But not all ads catch our attention. 

We tend to miss many good products because their advert was too common or not so trendy. It might have been too drab or failed to deliver the required content within a short thirty-second reel.

Motion graphics will help the marketing teams overcome these issues and help the advert stand out in the crowd. It is quirky and fun to watch static images move and display the content of the advertisement. 

Motion Graphics


Stories can be told in many ways. However, motion graphics consume less cost, time, and effort in comparison to other methods and are fast becoming the preferred route to display past or possible features even in motion pictures by big movie studios. 

Enhances visual impact

We tend to remember what we see better than what we read or write. Very few people have the vivid imagination to convert the narration into a full screenplay in their minds. Most find it easy if the story is displayed through enactment so that they can remember the content for a long time to come.

Visual presentation through motion graphics is a forte of the medium and helps deliver the message through impactful features using kinetic text and moving otherwise static images. 

An infographic that moves can help viewers understand the transitions better than a static graphic with the same data inputs. 

Reusable assets

The assets used in an advertisement may or may not be approved for an advertisement by the client. However, considerable energy, time, and money go into creating these elements. When motion graphics and animated texts are used, even if a project is rejected, the assets are not wasted. They can be used in another presentation for a different client or be improvised through simple edits unlike live shoots or CGI which takes more time, effort, and money for improvs. 


Social media advertising is a great tool for small businesses to make an impact and grow organically without spending large amounts on live TV advertisements.

Staff Writer; Bobby Jackson

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