Sunday, July 12, 2020

Buying Wholesale Party Supplies For Your Business.

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Tweet ( If you are looking to extend your business with party supplies your first step will undoubtedly be to find a good wholesaler. You need to build up a strong relationship with a company you can trust. Use the following four points to help you whilst on your quest to find the perfect wholesaler […]

R.I.P. Andrea Harris And The Fight For Minority Business.

Tweet ( Andrea Harris was not well-known, but she should have been.  She was the co-founder of the North Carolina Institute of Minority Business Development, an advocate for social and economic justice, a champion for historically Black colleges and universities, and a Bennett Belle (Class of 1970) who passionately loved her college.  After a brief […]

Time for Donald Trump Haters to Put America First.

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Tweet ( Once again, President Donald Trump is being scapegoated for societal problems that he didn’t cause. He didn’t bring the coronavirus to our shores, and he has not created an atmosphere of racial disharmony in this country. Is there anything Trump’s haters won’t blame on him? They’ve been trying to remove him since before […]

Nine Tips To Keep Your Data Secure.

Tweet ( Data security is rightly a serious concern for businesses. We’re all doing a lot more online, including remote working, paying our bills or handling your company’s orders. With more sensitive data being stored online, it’s essential to protect it. 1. Encrypt your data. You don’t need to be an expert in IT to […]

Tips To Save Money For Your Business.

Tweet ( Saving money in business is definitely important to do more of, and regardless of how far a business has come, there’s always risks and events that could end up with it falling apart or suffering in some way. Here are some tips to save money for your business. Keep Up With Building & […]

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