Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How to Stop Yourself from Becoming a Caricature of Your Views.

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Tweet ( As a rule, we all tend to enjoy thinking of ourselves as enlightened, insightful, and able to perceive the truth, particularly when it comes to things like politics. But, with many people being more and more worried about echo chambers and biased reporting of the news in recent years, it’s always useful to ask […]

Helping People And Making Profit: The Key Things To Remember.

Tweet ( Contrary to popular belief it’s entirely possible to set up a business where you both help people and make a profit. In fact, many thriving companies are doing just that. However, to ensure success, you must remember some key things. Find out what they are in the post below. Put the customer first. When […]

Getting Noticed at a Trade Show.

Tweet ( Trade shows are fantastic. They are a great way to meet new clients and make crucial business connections, do deals with new suppliers and get yourself noticed. You’ll learn a lot, meet loads of new people and gain essential exposure. But, attending a trade show, hiring a space and filling it with displays and […]

From A Basic Business To A Booming Business.

Tweet ( You’ve entered into the business industry for one thing, to make money. But are you making money? Probably not. Or if you are, you’re making just enough to get by, which is something a lot of companies are actually suffering with. It’s hard to make money, when the wider public don’t really have much […]

Social Enterprise – Does Your Business Have A Social Mission?

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Tweet ( Often the main motivating factor for starting a new business is financial gain. What if there was a way of receiving financial gain as well as improving the society in which we live? Many businesses are adapting business models in such a way as to encompass social enterprise. The health, environment, poverty and communities […]

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