Friday, May 25, 2018

How Real Estate Is Changing Its Game.

Tweet ( So many people out there work as a real estate broker, or dream to be one, because they see it as a way of living a luxury life. But the chances are, most of them will end up losing their jobs in the near future. This is because artificial intelligence is advancing so much […]

Want to get into Forex trading? Read these expert words of wisdom for beginners.

Tweet ( Savings and investments used to be so easy. Walk into your high street bank or sit down with a financial adviser, put some money into a high interest account and some more into some stocks and shares, sit back and watch your nest egg grow. Sadly, these days of rock bottom interest rates, a […]

Keep Your Business On The Move If You Want To Improve.

Tweet ( Any business that wants to succeed needs to keep on the move. Obviously, you need to be moving in the right direction. It’s not enough to simply change for the sake of change. But the key thing is to keep returning to your business plan and thinking of things that could be changed or […]

Running A Company In The Business Of Testing.

Tweet ( Across phones, computers, and loads of other different types of devices, there are thousands of different software applications available. Totalling hundreds of years of work, these tools are often very complicated and will have been a challenge to build. Of course, as a big part of this, they will have almost certainly have to […]

Kanye West and Democrats.

Tweet ( In the aftermath of the Kanye West dust-up, my heart goes out to the white people who control the Democratic Party. My pity stems from the hip-hop megastar’s November announcement to his packed concert audience that he did not vote in the presidential election but if he had, he would have voted for Donald […]

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