Monday, May 20, 2019

Don’t Let Mark Zuckerberg Kill Free Speech.

Tweet ( This week, representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter will join with European leaders and the prime minister of New Zealand to launch a chilling proposal to curb free speech across the internet. Americans should be alarmed. Internet freedom is being extinguished fast in Europe. How long will it survive in the U.S.? Social […]

Are Black Entrepreneurs Paying Themselves Enough?

Tweet ( The world is full of black success stories. In the business world there are many examples of men and women of color living (and embodying) the American dream just as there are in the political world, the artistic world and virtually any other world one could occupy. However, it seems as though in […]

The Essential Guide To Choosing Who To Vote For.

May 15, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( When it comes to politics, many people choose to forego their vote when they don’t see any candidate that represents their views or opinions. While this makes sense, it can be a foolhardy stance to take. Casting your vote is a right and a privilege and should never be dismissed without fully researching […]

Technology Tips For Small Businesses.

Tweet ( Small businesses have many benefits versus larger ones, but one of the areas where they can lack is technology. Technology plays a key role for the majority of businesses today, and if your systems aren’t up to scratch, it could spell bad news for your clients or customers. As one of the basic […]

Perfect Productivity: Making the Best Use of Your Time.

Tweet ( Most of us are left feeling like we just don’t have enough hours in the day, life is busy and we all have commitments and things we need to get done. For this reason, managing your time effectively is so important if you want to stay productive, here are a few ways to […]

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