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Queen Beyoncé Should Stick to Music Not Politics.

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( While I admit I’m a fan of Beyoncé and like the artistry to her new song formation and think she’s a great black performer, she should stick to music not politics. Basically, Beyoncé and her Black Panther groupies gave young black men license to kill last night during the Super Bowl as if they need more encouragement. Black men are already killing each other by the thousands and getting confrontational with police.

Let’s be clear–the Black Panthers were a violent civil rights fighters, who were armed black men and whom FBI director Hoover called a threat to American security in the 1960s and 1970s. Beyoncé thought it was cool to glorify this violent black group by having her back up dancers dress like Black Panthers in black berets and give the Black Panther power salute. They also formed the letter X in their dance formation to honor Malcom X, who founded the group.

Armed Black Panthers believed in using any means necessary, 2016-beyoncesuperbowlincluding violence to overcome oppression and bring about civil rights. By glorifying the Black Panthers, and I don’t mean the football team, Beyoncé and her Black Panther posse told young black men to get justice by any means necessary.

If a white performer and his back up dancers dressed up like the Ku Klux Klan to perform at the Super Bowl, the liberal media would say there’s hell to pay and demand all sorts of public condemnations and reparations. Not only did Beyoncé’s back up dancers dress encouraged black men to get more violent and confrontational with police.

In my new book Con Job, I note the number one cause of death among young blacks age 15-34 is gun violence–homicides. Black men are more proficient in killing each other than anything else–like graduating high school. According to Justice Department data from 1980-2006, blacks are 6 times as likely to commit homicides as whites and 7 times as likely to be homicide victims.

It’s no secret that 93% of black homicides are committed by other blacks. Beyoncé and liberals need to stop fanning this false narrative that racist white cops are killing young unarmed black men. While isolated cases make headlines, the rising double digit murder rates in black cities like Baltimore, DC are more the norm and the ever violent Chicago where over 500 homicides occurred in 2015 of mostly blacks killed by blacks.

Many young black women and men look up to her and Beyoncé’s Super Bowl message was Black Lives Don’t Matter by holding up pictures of the violent black teen Martin Woods killed by police officers.

The Panthers followed the teachings of Malcolm X, who believed that blacks and whites could not co-exist peacefully and advocated violence in order to protect his followers. Is that the message Beyoncé was sending last night–that blacks and whites can’t live together and we should return to the days of segregation? Beyoncé told ET online that it ‘felt great’ to perform Formation. She added: ‘I wanted people to feel proud and have love for themselves.’

Apparently, only black people.

Columnist; Crystal Wright

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