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Moving Office: How To Make It A Smooth Process.

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( There comes a time when moving into new office premises is necessary. It could be your first ever move, in which case you’re probably quite nervous but excited. You might just have outgrown your last premises, which is also exciting in itself! Just like moving home, moving offices is a long-winded process. Unfortunately, you can’t afford for it to dominate your time. You’ve got a business to run, and it needs to be operational while the move takes place. So, while there similarities with a traditional home move, you need be thinking in a smarter way. Here are some tips for you.

Plan, plan, plan!

Whatever you do, you have to have a full plan in place before you start moving anything across. Look at the building you’ll be moving into. Plan each office ahead of time. Who will be going where? What equipment needs to go in which room? Have you got enough space to do everything you want, and are extensions necessary if not? Any potential roadblocks need to be identified before you start moving everything in. By planning ahead and using a company like Supreme Man & Van; (visit you can make the transition as smooth as possible, and your employees will feel more relaxed as well.

How are you going to move?

The way in which you transport everything depends on location. If you’re moving a fair distance away, you’re probably going to want to hire a company to help you. They’ll do the business of transporting items while you continue to manage the business. If you are from Ottawa then consider hiring Mr Delivery to take care of furniture delivery. If it’s just across the road or similar, think about asking a few employees to help. Don’t mandate it, but you’ll probably find they’ll be willing to chip in if they’re loyal. Move in the essentials first; that way you can allow some of your staff to get working as quickly as possible in the new office.

Consider New Expenses

Moving office comes with expenses like transporting goods, but there are other things to consider too. Bills are the biggest worry when moving to a new place. You might find that the electricity or heating bills are through the roof compared to your old premises. Start searching for the best deals for commercial electricity, heating, gas and whatever else you might need. This all comes in the planning stages, so ensure you’ve got this figured out before it becomes a nasty surprise later on.

Start Updating Your Addresses

Moving premises comes with the need to update your address on all business-related material. You’ll want to start doing this in advance of making the move. Think about everything that incorporates your address on it. Letterheads and official documentation might seem obvious, but business cards and websites may not. You should even check social media websites like Facebook to ensure you’ve got the correct version on there. Of course, ensure all the important people such as your clients are aware of the correct address too.

Continue to identify the importance of planning as you get ready to move. With effective planning in place, your move will be a smooth and seamless transition.

Staff Writer; Latasha Moore

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