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Donald Trump ‘too dangerous’ to be president?

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( Earlier this week, radio host Glenn Beck’s program was suspended by the SiriusXM satellite radio network after Beck agreed with one of his guests that assassination might be an appropriate method toward removing Donald Trump should he become president and abuse his position – practically an inevitability, if one is familiar with what Glenn Beck believes these days.

I won’t belabor the point I’ve made again and again that defending presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on principle does not make one a supporter of Donald Trump’s candidacy. The fact is that I personally have what some may call “trust issues” with regard to the real estate mogul, and these are not likely to evaporate until we’re able to see how the man performs in office.

That said, I am obviously not the only citizen who finds it gratifying to hear a candidate articulating some of our nation’s most grave perils with frankness and accuracy, as well as either dismantling or ignoring the cowardly, obsequious attacks of leftists, est2016-donaldtrump-MAKEAMERICAGREATablishment Republicans and other agenda-driven agencies. It should also be no surprise that prospective voters are reacting favorably to a candidate who is willing to call sleaze journalists “sleaze” to their faces, and to assert that the political press is “unbelievably dishonest.”

As I have also previously indicated, even more significant than the phenomenon of Trump’s candidacy itself is the cadre of faux conservatives – some of whom were heretofore recognized as the most stalwart among America’s prominent conservatives – who have mobilized to torpedo Donald Trump’s campaign at all costs. Some are scrambling to marshal a third-party effort to stymie Trump’s momentum, while others have given their efforts over to sheer hyperbole, as Beck has done.

This has occurred not because Donald Trump possesses any of the odious shortcomings these folks highlight in their largely insubstantial assessments of him as a potential leader, but because Donald Trump is a political outsider who has tapped into the justified frustration and anger of the American people and who just may use a popular mandate to transform the political status quo. The point is that it could have been anyone; it just happened to be an extremely well-known real estate guy and television personality.

Thus, whether we’re talking about Glenn Beck or Bill Kristol, such people have essentially unmasked themselves as bought-and-paid-for establishment operatives who are happy to tout conservative principles as long as presidential candidates who come to the fore are establishment hacks and that “smile and schmooze while ramming it to the rest of us” beltway politics continue to rule the process in Washington.

Although most have not gone so far as to recommend assassination, the political left, the Republican establishment and these recently revealed posers have all adopted elements of the argument that Donald Trump is somehow “too dangerous” to be president. Even Beck and his on-air minions have repeatedly suggested that a Trump presidency could devolve into a dictatorship.

Indeed. I find it curious in the extreme that so many prominent “conservatives” are terrified of what Donald Trump – a man who they claim, among other things, isn’t conservative enough – might do if elected in the face of what Barry “pen and a phone” Obama and establishment politicians are currently doing, and how the latter gave rise to Donald Trump’s candidacy in the first place.

I seem to remember some of us being quite vocal back in 2008 regarding a certain Democratic presidential candidate who we believed was too dangerous to be president, articulating precisely why we believed so and what said candidate was likely to do if elected. Well, this person was elected to the presidency, and nearly every nightmare scenario we envisioned relative to his governance has come to pass.

Not one of the “conservative” factions that are so vigorously opposing Donald Trump’s candidacy were nearly as vocal in opposing this individual’s candidacy eight years ago. Now, they are focusing their efforts almost entirely upon neutralizing Trump, while virtually ignoring the ongoing crimes of the Obama regime, the avarice of beltway politicians and the dark specter of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Is not averting the ascendency of Clinton, an individual who has proven herself to be a treasonous, thieving war criminal, far more important than sabotaging the campaign of a private citizen?

“The country is yearning for a change. And my view is four more years like the last eight is not good for the country. He [Trump] won the nomination fair and square. He went out there and competed like everybody else. He got the most votes. And I think it’s disrespectful of the Republican electorate to say, ‘I’m smarter than you are, and I’m not going to support your choice.’”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

How interesting that Mitch McConnell, who in my opinion is one of the most consummate political prostitutes in Washington, would take this position. Why? Because, whore though he may be, McConnell is not stupid. He doesn’t relish the unenviable position of being Senate majority leader under a president from his own party whose candidacy he opposed. He’s also fairly confident that a President Trump would not be a right-wing version of Barack Obama – in other words, a Republican dictator.

I’ve stated that if beltway politicians did not have a complicit press running interference for them, masking their larceny and elitist policies, then the electorate would have a much clearer vision of how they have been victimized by those in Washington. In such a case, political assassination would be the least of their worries; hundreds of lawmakers from both parties, administrators, lobbyists and cabinet secretaries would be hanging from trees in Washington like so much rotting fruit.

Unless Democratic and Republican leaders wish to see such a scene to play out in actuality someday, they should be praying that a strong chief executive, unfettered by political loyalties and obligations, comes along who can more gracefully attenuate processes in Washington and rein in beltway politics.

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