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Incredible Ways Your Business Can Reduce Its Environmental Footprint.

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( It’s important that your business is seen as environmentally friendly. If it isn’t, then this can be bad for your reputation. So, here are some good ways you can reduce your environmental footprint:

Implement A Casual Dress Code

This first tip is genius and very few people will have already thought about it. Most businesses will have a formal dress code. This means employees have to wear suits to work and look professional. Now, this is great because it means your company has a professional look to it. People might respect you more because of it. However, suits can be extremely warm. And, in the summer months, this can cause blackmaninofficeyou to turn up the air conditioning. Everyone complains that it’s too hot because they’re stuck in a suit. As the AC goes up, you waste a lot of energy. Your company is having a very negative impact on the environment. But, what happens if you switch to a casual dress code? It will mean people can wear comfortable clothing. As a result, they aren’t too warm, and the AC doesn’t need to be on all the time in the summer. So, your business reduces its environmental footprint.

Manage Your Printing

Printers are a major way for businesses to leave a huge environmental footprint. For starters, they use up loads of paper. Extreme paper usage is bad because it means more and more trees are being cut down. Secondly, they use up a lot of electricity. Again, this is bad as you use up a lot of energy, and burn more fossil fuels. If you can find a way to manage your printing, then you’ll reduce your environmental footprint. There are things like Managed Print Services that analyse your printing. Services like this will take a look at what you’re doing, and improve it. This can lead to less paper being used, less energy expended, and a smaller environmental impact. There’s no question that printing can have a very bad impact on the environment. So, if you can manage it, and reduce this impact, then your business will benefit.

Create Flexible Scheduling

If all of your employees are on a strict schedule, then it can be bad for the environment. It will mean everyone is driving to work at the same time, and leaving together too. This means that people are going to use up lots of petrol getting to and from work each day. As a result, lots of dangerous gasses are released into the air. You can help reduce this by creating a flexible schedule. Let people work from home so they don’t have to come into work. This reduces fuel consumption and helps the environment. Your employees could work from home full-time, or part-time, it’s up to you! Also, studies show flexible scheduling leads to an increase in productivity. So, that’s a nice little bonus for you too.

By following this advice, your business can start having a better impact on the environment. Instead of damaging it, you help it! This is great for your reputation and great for the health of your business too.

Staff Writer; Lebron Curry

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