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Your College Kids: How to Step Up & Step Back.

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(Akiit.comWhen your kids go off to college, it’s a big leap. For parents, it can be even more daunting than it is for the students going to college. It means that you are entering a new phase as a parent, and you need to change how you deal with your kids. They’re not young anymore, and they need to go it alone, so here’s you can step up and step back as a parent.

Prepare Them Properly

First of all, you can step up by ensuring that they are prepared for their departure. Going to college is something that all young people should be prepared for because it can be a shock to the system. You can get them the right gear from places like SomethingGreek. And you can also make sure that they know the basics of living without your support. That means doing the laundry, cooking and managing money properly.

Give Them Space to Discover Themselvesblackkidofftocollege-2016

Stepping back is a key thing that you’ll need to do when your kids leave for college. They are branching out and discovering the wider world, as well as everything the experience has to offer. It should be a positive and exciting thing for them, so give them the space to enjoy it. They’ll discover more about themselves, but to do this, they need space. So, step back and let them learn more about themselves.

Let Them Make Mistakes

As a parent, it’s only natural that you should worry about your children a lot. That’s something that’s part of the job description. But you really need to accept the fact that your children are going to make mistakes when they go to college. These won’t necessarily be devastating mistakes. And remind yourself that you probably did the same thing when you were their age. It’s a natural part of growing up, so let it happen.

Be There to Support Them When They Want It

When they do make those mistakes, they are going to need help getting back up and moving on. This is where you can still play an important role as a parent. Your parenting duties don’t end just because your kids are going off the college. The role you play simply changes. So, be there to support them when they need that support, but let them be the ones who come to you. You don’t need to be checking up on them all the time.

Enjoy This New Chapter in Your Life

Your kids moving out and going to college means that you will have a new way of life too. You won’t have to spend as much time looking after and worrying about them. This means that you can do things differently, spend more time with your partner and do things that you enjoy. View it as a chance to open up a new chapter in your life. Eventually, it could turn out to be a really positive thing for you and the way you live, so embrace it.

Staff Writer; Lance Brown

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