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Music: The Secret Weapon Of The Writer.

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( Motivation and inspiration can be tricky beasts to get your hands on. If you’re a writer, there are few things more dreaded than the blank page. But there’s a secret weapon that a lot of wordsmiths find truly effective in opening those writing floodgates. As if the title didn’t spoil it for you, we’re talking about music. Art is about more than the medium, it’s about the feeling and the communication. So, how do you make music an integral part of your writing?

Getting into the zone

Distraction is easily one of the fiercest enemies of the writer. You can be in the middle of dialogue, fishing for that next word when something pops into your attention. It might be something outside, it might be someone talking to you or it can just be your own thoughts. For moments when I’m finding it hard to concentrate, music can be00black-man-head that barrier that I need to just hone down and focus on the task at hand. For long writing sessions, you might want music that’s more atmospheric than dynamic. You might also want proper headphones like those from You don’t want it too loud, nor do you want any earphones that might hurt after a long period of wearing them.

Finding your inspiration

Music is more than a tool for blocking out the world around you, too. One of the greatest exercises for a writer who doesn’t have something they’re currently working on is prompts. Writing prompts usually come in the form of a sentence or a blurb you can build off. But music can serve that purpose just as well. Why not try flicking through your library and landing on a song at random? Consider writing a story to go behind the song or using a lyric as a starting point, as suggested by As with all writing prompts, the random element of unexpected material to work with is what you want.

Connect on a deeper level

Emotion is vital in art. Yet there are plenty of writers who find it somewhat hard to get the proper punch or investment into their writing. Like with all art, it can take time to find. But you can use the appropriate music to really help you feel it. When I’m working on a long-term project, I tend to work on playlists in my music apps to go with it. I think of the atmosphere they evoke and the environment they fit. Then, when it comes to writing a particular segment, I find the song to fit it. Nothing is more effective for me when it comes to connecting to a scene of my own creation.

It’s hard to underestimate the power of inspiration. You should reach out and grab it when you can. If you’re a writer and you have a powerful connection to music, use it. Similarly, if you’re a musician and you love reading, why not consider using your favorite books to inspire your own pieces?

Staff Writer; Donald Carter

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