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Militant Black Mindset: Endgame Is When?

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(Akiit.com) As Donald Trump prepares to become the 45th president of the United States, despite the fact that one of his first selections for national office, head of HUD, is a black man, Ben Carson, the ongoing charges of racism and anti-black rhetoric continue to dominate the national media. Now a painting by a black student, displayed in the Capitol building, portraying police as pigs, has attained national prominence.

As I have watched this latest news story depicting police officers as pigs, I have again pondered a quote by one of our Founders, Thomas Paine: “To argue with a person who has denounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

While observing yet another news story that defies comprehension, I find myself unutterably frustrated with the mindset of people at every level of our society who cannot grasp reality and common sense. This includes the top jobs in our government and that poor lost artist who has no rational thinking going for him.

I would ask the black student with an ax to grind: Just exactly what is your point? What does he hope to accomplish with his painting? What in heaven’s name is he talking about? What does he know about anything, outside of the brainwashing rhetoric that has formed his irrational concepts?

In my last year of high school, something really big happened in my small hometown. They built a slick, modern, white-tile-covered service station. We had never seen such a thing. One day, while home on summer vacation from my segregated high school in another city, I passed by and noticed something unusual, three doors on the side. The doors had not been installed, so I walked up and looked inside to see three restrooms. I thought, hey, they must be expecting a lot of people! However, a few days later, leaving town on my way back to school, I noticed the doors had been hung. On each one was a neatly lettered sign: “White Men” “White Women” and “Colored.

That was the beginning of what caused me to become a “moderate radical.” My younger brother was a “militant radical.” So what’s the difference? The moderate position was, “Let’s demand our civil rights and if we don’t get them, let’s blow the people up.” The militant position was, “”Let’s blow them up first, then negotiate with the survivors.”

What does the media think will be the long-term consequence of supporting that aforementioned student’s position? Are we to eliminate the police in America? Are we to view law and order as a thing of the past? Are we subliminally learning to defy the rule of law? What is to become of the youth in our country who are feeding on this unreasonable, endless narrative of “offense”?

I look around at the angry, bitter young blacks today, and I am reminded of the rage of my own youth. It grieves me because I know how that rage feels. I also know how self-destructive it is.

American blacks today are being taught that there is no more opportunity in our country and that racism is locking them out of the American dream. Their only hope for survival, they are taught, is government programs, government housing and government checks.

Let the record show, however, that in America we have a black president, first lady, attorney general, Supreme Court justice, senators, congressmen, billionaires, corporate presidents, millionaire sport icons, etc.

Yet, with all these advances, we now find ourselves living with a socially threatening, misguided resurgence of a militant mindset among young blacks, fostered this time by the media portrayal of manufactured racism. (Refer to the painting of cops that look like pigs.)

Where is the rationale in our discourse? What is the endgame? How is our current conversation improving the lives of our citizens?

Perhaps in order to forge ahead, we need to look back and consider the wisdom of Thomas Paine, who reminds us, “To argue with a person who has denounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

Columnist; Ben Kinchlow

Official website; http://www.benkinchlow.com

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