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Parents, Help Your Kid Prepare For College With This Handy List.

(Akiit.comIt’s not long now until the colleges will start to send out their admissions letters, and if you’re a parent with a child of that age, you’ll be fully aware of the stress and excitement that comes along at this time of year. But what happens once your kid’s acceptance letter is in their hands? Well, you’ve got all manner of planning ahead for the big move, all their course texts to purchase, and you need to start packing! It’s their first big step into the scary wide world, so making sure they’re fully equipt with everything they might need to get their freshman year started well is a parent’s priority. Here are some of the essentials you won’t want to forget.


Their laptop or computer is going to be their lifeline, alongside their cell phone, so that’s probably the first thing to pack. Then it’s a case of remembering all of their device chargers, a couple of USB memory sticks, and maybe a game console for rainy evenings. It’s always worthwhile investing in a printer – while most libraries have printing facilities, it’s a whole lot easier to be able to print essential documents from dorms.


Let’s be real, once your kid has to do their laundry under their own impetus, they’re going to go far longer without than when they’re at home. It’s a good idea, therefore, to send them away to university with enough clothes to last them a couple of weeks without washing. Clothes which are weather appropriate, long-lasting, and smart, are the best thing to get them through their first semester. Be sure to take advantage of student discounts to get more clothes for your buck; you can even get 15% OFF with student discount from many online clothing stores.


They’re going to need somewhere comfortable and cozy to sleep, especially if they’re suffering from any homesickness, so good bedding is a must, including bed sheets. Make sure they take a sleeping bag and spare pillows with them as well, just in case they plan on having any guests stay. You probably want to pack them some earplugs, just in case things get a bit rowdy in the dorm but sleeping is their main priority.


To get the most out of their university education, they need to be prepared to learn. For all those lecture notes, essay plans, and book reports, good quality stationery is a must. Pens, highlighters, lined paper, a diary, and a good calculator are all essentials.

Bathroom essentials

Even if your kid’s dorm will have a shared bathroom, they’re going to want to take some creature comforts with them. Fluffy towels and a comprehensive washbag are the essentials, but some painkillers, band aids, and spare toilet roll will make everything a bit easier over the first few weeks.

Getting your kid prepared for heading off to college isn’t just about giving them the life lessons they need to get by, there’s also a lot of equipment required. It doesn’t have to break the bank, though; using online sales and student discounts is a great way to get everything they need, and save a bit of money in the process.

Staff Writer; Greg Love

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