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The Four C’s Of Hiring: Competence, Capability, Compatibility And Commitment.

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(Akiit.comNo founder can run a business by themselves. Some try, but after a while, they realize that they need the help of other people, even if it’s to do the boring stuff like send out invoices on a Friday afternoon. The top businesses in the world are all built by great people who find the best talent and setting it loose on the world.

Take Donald Trump, for instance. Both in business and in his presidential campaign, he relied on the help of others. In both instances, he put together a crack team of people he knew had the ability to get the job done. Over the years, he learned that to succeed in anything, you need the help of other people with complementary skills. All the smartest business people in the world are constantly on the lookout for individuals who are smarter than they are.

In the modern economy, making the right hires is more important than ever. According to a Forbes article written by David Williams, the average cost of a bad hire is anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. Just finding a new employee through advertisements can cost more than $5,000. It’s an expensive business.

So what should top leaders be looking for in new employees?



The first thing to consider when choosing an employee is whether or not they have the competence to do the job. Often, this is a value judgment you, as the boss, have to make. Some people might not actually have the necessary skills to do the job when they arrive at interview, but they might have the type of personality that you are looking for. Others might have the skills you need, but not the personality that you want in your organization. Look at their education? Do they have the ability to learn on the job?


A capable employee is one who is constantly striving to improve their work. Will a candidate just do the bare minimum and only perform the easiest tasks? Or will they strive to develop the company and help the business achieve its goals? Capable employees are those who have the capacity for personal growth and are willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities.


Compatibility is a highly important consideration when making hiring decisions. Yes, a person might have the skills that you want, but if they don’t have the right attitude, you could wind up getting into trouble in the future. As Ellis Whittam points out, dismissals are a tricky business, and best avoided at all costs. A smart recruitment strategy is one that tries to work out whether the person’s personality is a good match for the business. That person should be able to slip into the company culture without causing a stir.


Finally, you want commitment, especially if you are employing somebody higher up on the skill ladder. Look at their past jobs and see if there is a pattern where the person is always looking for something better. Flipping jobs every six months might be a bad sign.

Staff Writer; Doug Farmer

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