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Reasons why you should limit your intake of Carbs when dieting.

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( If you’re wanting to have a healthy body and feel better then you have all the incentive you need to limit your intake of carbs. It’s not the be all end all, you have to exercise and make sure you’re smart in other areas as well to be good in your body for when you’re dieting, but this is a very important step. Cutting carbs completely isn’t a good idea, they’re needed, but it’s the extras that are the problem. If you’re like me, then you’ll have read the delicious keto recipes which can prepare some amazing meals; see them in the below picture.

Carbs provide energy which is great but the storing of the energy is the important part. If you eat more food than what’s needed for immediate use then your body will be told to store the extra energy, primarily as fat. That’s incentive enough to be smart on carb intake for many millions. If you eat fewer carbs your body is much less likely to store fat because the signalling process in your body won’t go off indicating that some extra needs to be stored.

We as humans find fat and carbs to be an attractive and tasty combo. Fatty foods are quite tasty and they are high in carbs so it’s easy to combine them each via what we eat and that can be a problem. French Fries are thought to be a fatty food but more of the calories from them are carb related as opposed to fat. So, you want to be careful about that, the fat plus the extra carbs adds up.

So how can reducing carbs help in a more direct manner? What good things can we expect to see in our bodies? For one weight loss, which is a big point. We don’t want the extra fat to be stored in our bodies so we need to be not only active but eat in a proportionate manner to what we’re up to.

Reducing carbs gives you the best balance of nutrition for the body. When you’re reducing carbs in your dieting plans you’re actually working more in line with your body’s own requirements for what it needs in nutrition. Consuming the essential nutrients in protein and fat that you need, alongside the elimination of excess carbs, can have a tremendous boost in a lot of areas of health for your body.

A person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is given medication (more than likely) to reduce blood sugar levels but even with that being done the risk of complications and death aren’t reduced all that much, it’s more of a delay than anything. But if you reduce carbs you have a much better way to control blood sugars and avoid the complications of type 2 diabetes. It’s more natural and is actually more effective as well. Very much a strong reason to reduce carbs with your dieting.

Heart disease can also be managed more efficiently with controlling your carb intake. Controlling your carb intake can help in addressing abnormal lipid profiles that you’d see with, for example, Metabolic Syndrome. Reducing carbs has consistently shown to reduce triglycerides while increasing HDL. There are other benefits as well against other heart issues, but the point is that reducing carbs can, and has been shown, to be good for heart related issues. It can also lead to reductions in hypertension, which is thought to be a risk factor for heart disease. Weight loss with a reduced-carb intake diet has shown that it has a greater effect to reduce blood pressure than just losing weight alone.

There are a lot more reasons than just these too. But these alone should go a long way in proving that there are great reasons as to why you should reduce your intake of carbs when dieting.

Staff Writer; George Love

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