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The Technology Tips To Help Your Online Business Stand Out.

(Akiit.comThe online business market is a competitive world that continues to evolve and change at a fast rate. For your company to stand a chance of success, you need to ensure your brand is keeping up with the technology available, and utilizing it wisely.


Marketing and branding may seem like obvious things when it comes to helping to set your business apart from the rest. However, digital technology is playing a heavy role in keeping businesses fresh and innovative when it comes to sharing their brand identity and voice. The logos, color scheme and what your information your branding shares, can all be an interactive part of your business, and will draw customers in with alternative forms of engagement.

Whether it’s an animated brand name, that the customer can play with and change as they’re sitting with their smartphone, or the animated surprises continue through their navigation of your website; creating fun and interactive branding will encourage customer engagement from the get-go. Video tutorials and product demonstrations can also be accessed in the palm of a consumer’s hand, any time of day or night, ensuring you have the constant opportunity to market your brand aesthetic, and what you can offer them.


The last thing consumers want to do nowadays is waste their limited free time, by going through difficult processes and procedures when it comes to providing details or paying for goods. The quicker and simpler a process is for a customer; the more they’ll return to use your services. There is technology available that can identify and document verification by using the consumer’s smartphone as a scanner, saving them the effort of faxing or emailing their details to your business.

The use of contactless payment is also on the rise, which means the consumer doesn’t have to remember several different pin numbers or spend time typing them in. By utilizing the valuable advances in technology, customers will associate a positive and simple transaction or encounter with your business; ensuring that they become return and regular patrons to your company.


It’s vital that a customer feels they can reach you, and access information at the click of a virtual button. Using pop-ups to ensure a patron that there is someone there to chat to in real time will help to give your business a friendly personality, and a reliable edge over other brands. Instant pop-up technology on your website should give the customer the option of speaking with somebody live within certain hours, and access to leave a question or message out of hours. A constant sense of availability and engagement will ensure consumers associate your business with excellent customer service and care; bringing them back to your brand and becoming its biggest ambassadors.

The opportunity to use pop-up technology and targeted ad space while the consumer has travelled away from your site is another important step in keeping them engaged and aware of what your business has to offer them. The technology is already there and being used by thousands of other online businesses, so it’s important that you catch up, and utilize what’s available to your company, in order for you to overtake the competition. Take a look here for more ideas to drive your customer engagement.

Staff Writer; Ted House

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