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How You Can Give Your Resume A Boost.

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(Akiit.comOne of the hardest documents you will ever have to write is your resume. You could probably write for other people, but writing about yourself and your achievements in a way that comes across professional, humble and confident all at once isn’t easy. It’s easier to draw a blank and not know what to say about yourself than to sit and detail your achievements. The thing is, your achievements matter on your resume above everything else.

Whether you are looking for a job right now or not is irrelevant, you still should be updating your resume as much as possible as you add experience and education to your life. While looking for work, you might choose to undertake accredited MBA online programs no GMAT to boost your education on your resume and give yourself impressive credentials. This time of proactive behaviour is seen as positive on your resume as you are actively doing things to better your own knowledge and future. Ensuring your resume is consistently updated means that if the perfect opportunity comes your way, you are more than prepared for it.

In a job market that is oversaturated with applicants and underwhelming in job numbers, your resume needs to be the one that stands out. There are ways you can make your resume impressive and we’ve listed a few of these for you here:

  • Volunteer. If you have found that you haven’t settled in a role for very long and you do have a dream career you would like to get involved in, why not volunteer for a while? You can gain real experience that is practical in your field. You can get to know new people in the area of business you are interested in and you are then able to show that while salary is a factor in applying for a paid role, it hasn’t been the driving force behind your reasons for working.


  • Magnify Results. So, when you’re writing down the jobs you’ve had and the achievements you have had in that particular role, don’t get bogged down in the details of your responsibilities. Instead, keep the basics of a role short and focus on where you have had successes. Employers need to see problem-solving, projects that have been led by you and where you have shone in the role.


  • Customize. A lot of people don’t realise that you need more than one resume. If you are going to be applying for certain jobs, you need to gear your document toward that particular role. Adding and taking out experience that is role-specific and highlighting relevant education is the way to go.


  • Ask For Help. As with anything, having your work proof-read before you submit it! Even the slightest grammatical error can help an employer inform an opinion of you that is untrue. You need to have every avenue that could go wrong closed and be ready to answer questions about your resume as and when you are asked.

Staff Writer; Sherry Hall

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