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The Work/Life Balance Career Options.

(Akiit.comIt appears now more than ever that people not only just need a work/life balance, but they demand it in whatever job they go into. Unfortunately, it is a lot harder than that to come by, and if you are a parent, it’s not just a desirable part of the job, it is essential. For a lot of people, the answer might be in changing your career. There are many organizations and careers that have that flexible option, and here are a few.


Working in retail can be a bit of a double-edged sword because some retail organizations demand that you work completely unsociable hours, but there are some businesses like Walmart who do flexible hours and realize the importance of the work/life balance. You can take the headache out of your Walmart job application with these tips here and see the benefits of a work/life balance while working a job in customer service. The challenges of working in retail are many because you may be solving a lot of issues, but if you like this challenge and like to work for customers solving their problems, this is a suitable avenue for you.


Another job similar to retail that requires people skills is Human Resources. Ultimately, you are dealing with people who have issues within the organization such as sickness or personal problems, and it is your job to make sure that they are working to the best of their ability. The added benefit of HR as well as working in a standard 9 to 5 pattern is that you are able to help people back to work and gain some sort of personal reward from your work.


There are so many companies that require basic admin work, and if you are working in a digital career and require a change from the stresses of targets, this might be the career choice for you. Admin work is something that a lot of people can do with ease, and it is a perfect entry point if you actually wanted to climb up the career ladder. Admin work usually requires scanning and typing documents, and for people who like to not involve themselves in their work as much, this appears to be a very suitable option. As a lot of people require that work/life balance without any stress, this is the kind of job where you can clock out and not worry about what’s going on in work.

Home Working

This is another option that lots of businesses offer now as part of their work/life balance package. As people are increasingly working from home in a freelance capacity, this is another option for you if you don’t want to go down the standard career route. There are plenty of options for people to work in this capacity on sites like Upwork or For the work/life balance this looks like one of the better options for people who have children or struggle to get childcare, because, to an extent, they can work around their own needs rather than the needs of the business.

Staff Writer; Jerry Parker

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