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Why Music is Still an Important Part of Education.

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(Akiit.comOver the last few years, music and other creative subjects, have been slowly but surely removed from the curriculum. Now, many schools don’t teach any form of music education at all. Choosing instead to use the time to teach extra science, maths and computer based courses, which are thought to be more useful to a child’s development and to give them more options in the future.

While it is true, that today’s children need to learn about computers, the internet and environmental science, much more than the children of previous generations. And, that these subjects will help them in their future lives. Should they be taught at the expense of more creative endeavours? Or, is there still a place in education for musical learning? After all, music is one thing that remains relevant to life, even years after it’s creation. You can read about the most relevent classical music today here,

It Teaches Expression

It’s essential that children have as many ways as possible to express themselves. When they are very young, music gives them away to express how they are feeling, but even as they get older and have other ways to communicate, children and young adults can find it difficult to find the right words. Music and other creative pursuits give them other options.

This, of course, means that music isn’t just important at school. Check out  to find some options for teaching and experimenting with music at home.

It Boosts Confidence

It’s very easy to knock a child’s confidence, but much harder to increase it. Children who are academically gifted get lots of praise, and their confidence soars. Those who excel at sports get plenty of attention and enjoy knowing that they are good at something. But, what about the rest? Music adds another area for children to do well.

It Helps Memory

Have you ever noticed that you can remember the lyrics to songs and tunes easily? Do you think you could remember the words from a novel with the same level of recall? Most people can’t. That’s because music uses and exercises a different part of your memory. Those who play an instrument often have much better memories. This can not only help with school work and exam revision, it could even lower their chances of memory issues and illnesses in later life.

It Leads to Future Careers

Let’s remember that not everyone works with computers or science. Some people make an excellent income working in the music industry. Surely when they are young, it’s best to give them as many options as possible?

It Promotes Emotional Development

Emotional development is significant. But, it’s almost impossible to teach. How can you explain feelings and emotions to someone who isn’t yet aware of them? Music is one, very effective way to do this. Music makes you feel, without having to understand.

It Makes School Fun

One huge problem in schools today is that there are much less fun and much more pressure. Children get homework much earlier, have exams every year from a very young age and face enormous pressure to do well and to learn as much as possible. Music puts a little fun back into school time.

While, of course, it’s important that education moves with the times and we must recognise that our children today need to learn more about modern technology, environmental science and internet safety among other things. It needs to be in moderation, and they must continue to pursue other areas. Music in particular.

Staff Writer; Harry Parker

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