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Education Matters: Making The Most of Your University Experience.

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(Akiit.comGoing to university is a privilege that many never get to experience, so if you’re lucky enough to be heading off there this September, then you should do all you can to make the very most of your time. Living as an adult for the first time, learning about a subject you’re interested in and making new friends mean it’s an exciting time and something you should try to enjoy and appreciate as much as you can. Then you can feel good and have no regrets as you leave school with your graduation stole. Here are a few ways to go about it!

Choose Accommodation

Will you be staying at home while you study, renting a room in a shared house nearby or living in student halls? What you choose will greatly influence the experience you have, so make sure you do your research and spend some time deciding on what would be best for you. Living at home will usually be cheaper and with less distraction, but moving out will give you the independence and social aspect. Plus student housing will more than likely be a lot closer to the university than your family home, so it’s more convenient too. If you’re worried about being homesick, just remember that friends and family are only the other ends of a phone or video call. Being brave and pushing out of your comfort zone could be just what you need.

Get Organised

Going away to university is the first time in many young people’s lives that they can be independent and live as an adult. While some take to this like a duck to water, others can struggle. The trick is to be as organised as possible. This is when it comes to your finances, your cleaning, shopping and of course your university work. Every piece you submit should be of the best quality with sufficient time and effort put into it. If you find a thesis writing service, these can offer things like essay outlines and guidance for you to work from. Allowing you to make sure everything is laid out and structured in the best way. Keeping you room organised is also important. With no parents nagging you to clean up or do your washing it all falls to you. Keeping everything clean and organised will give you a productive space to work and live from.

Make Friends

While the most important thing about going to university is studying and getting a good degree, there’s also a social side to it too. Many people meet their lifelong friends at university, it’s a good chance for you to mix with other people and get to know those from different backgrounds and walks of life. Get involved in the social side of university, join up to sports, teams and clubs that interest you. Take people up on their invitations, and enjoy the friend and community aspect during the years that you are there. Being social and meeting people once you are in a full-time job with long hours is even more difficult.

Staff Writer; Larry Hall

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