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Millennial Staff Can Benefit Your Business. Yes, Really.

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(Akiit.comWe’re constantly being told that millennials are lazy, ignorant, and just don’t have the work ethic of previous generations. These are the stereotypes, at least. There have always been gaps between the generations, and the way we consume media now suggests the rift between the “Baby Boom” generation and the Generation Y is wider than any that has gone before. So, the stereotypes — from both sides — persist.

As a result, you may be wondering if hiring a millennial is a good idea. This might even be the case if you’re personally a millennial. Given the terrible reputation of this generation, why would you want them in your business? What possible reason could you have for wanting to employ someone who is stereotyped as being lazy and inattentive?

Well, here are a few reasons to get you started…

#1 – A Different Worldview Is A Good Thing In Business

If businesses always did things in the exact same way, year after year, they then would quickly become stale. The first thing that suffers is innovation, with efficiency and productivity also eventual victims of a focus on a single perspective.

This is why millennials are so vital. No, you might not understand the way they see the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to contribute. You may have misunderstood how much time you need to spend on social media marketing; millennials won’t. You might have overlooked the need for services like digital marketing through the likes of; millennials won’t. You may have neglected… and so the list goes on. Bringing in a different perspective can brighten a business and improve your outlook.

#2 – Millennials Do Work Hard

If you were to believe all the stereotypes of millennials in the workplace, you’d never employ them. They’d be too busy checking Twitter and decorating your office space with fairy lights to ever focus on work! Well, as shows, millennials are far from workshy — they’re actually workaholics. So if you’ve always shied away from hiring millennials due to their stereotyped reputation, there is some reassurance in the statistics.

#3 – Millennials Can Help You Appeal To A Younger Demographic

You may be up to date and have your finger firmly on the pulse, but there’s nothing quite like consulting people who are actually a part of the demographic that you’re targeting. In a way, a millennial member of staff is a focus group that you have in-office. If you want to appeal to millennials — and you should, given the size and spending power of the demographic — then you need millennials to help you formulate your strategy.

#4 – Think About The Future

If you refuse to hire anyone under the age of 45, in 20 short years, most of your employees will be preparing for retirement. If you want to future proof your business, you need young and exciting new minds to take advantage of the legacy you’re trying to build.

So, do you think you could be tempted to hire a staff member from Gen Y to help your business succeed?

Staff Writer; Ron Jones

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