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The Inexorable Spread Of Democracy.

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(Akiit.comIt is a political system which many over the world agree is the most beneficial for all. Because the very nature of democracy is that the people ultimately have the last say, it is often seen as the ultimate system for empowering the people. Of course, it is executed over the world in varying degrees of success, and in a number of ways, but the pure idea of democracy remains a powerful one which many people strive for. Looking at the history of democracy, it does seem to be inevitably spreading, even if at times it is slow. Let’s look to this in more detail.

The Democratic Notion

Democracy is usually seen as the idea that the people can govern themselves. It shows up in a number of ways, but all democracies will have one thing in common: the public vote. The ability and option to choose one’s leaders, even if only from a select few, can give the sense of the people having some control over matters of the state. Of course, many voting systems around the world are corrupt, and in those cases we might argue whether they are true democracies, or rather authoritarian states propped up as democracies. But where true democracy exists, it does so because the people are given a chance to vote for their leaders to some degree. Organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy work towards bringing about such changes, and it is a vital part of the process.

Holding Elections As A Route To Democracy

If you want to spread democracy, it is true that you need to hold elections. Essentially, when countries do become democratic, this is how it happens. At some point, an election is held to determine who should be in power, and this is a vital part of the process of spreading democracy as far as possible. The more that people have a say, the more they will want democracy to spread as well. But it’s not just about the elections themselves – it’s also a case of promoting free speech, the idea that people can express themselves pretty much as they like in a public forum, perhaps with some amendments in the sake of common decency. So holding election is not in itself enough – you also need to give the people the right to speak on any topic however they choose.

The Anarchy & Revolution

In many cases, there is often a period of uncertainty in a nation before it becomes democratic. Sometimes, it is full-blown anarchy, and in these instances it can be very worrying indeed. One of the major things to consider here is that bloodshed should be kept to a minimum as much as possible. Even if it seems that a full out revolution is the only way forwards, those working towards it should endeavor to keep it as peaceful as possible. Sometimes this is successful, at other times not, but it is something which should always be attempted.

Staff Writer; Doug Love

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