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Attract More Customers to Your Store With These Storefront Design Tips.

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( Creating an attractive shopfront is no easy matter. You’re trying to create a good first impression for your customers and also give them a little peek at what’s inside your store. However, depending on how large your business is, it may take quite a lot of work to cover the entire building. It’s also relatively easy to make your business took tacky and nasty. Place too many ornaments and decorations, and you could risk looking like a thrift store instead of a professional company. However, too few and you’ll end up looking like a boring and generic business.

Of course, it does largely depend on what kind of products you’re selling or services that you’re offering. A computer sales business is obviously going to have computers on display, but a barber shop probably won’t have much outside of signs detailing pricing. Whatever business you run, here’s how you can create an attractive storefront.

Clean It Up

If your storefront isn’t clean then it isn’t attractive. Make sure you tidy it up so you get plenty of customers that actually want to visit your store. Unattractive storefronts are generally the ones that look dirty and cluttered. Clean it up to demonstrate to the public that you’re serious about appearances. Your storefront is typically the first thing they’ll see, and it’s not going to set a good first impression if you haven’t cleaned it up.

Make sure to remove any excess items from the display window and give it a good clean every morning to remove dirt, dust and grime. Take pride in your business by showing people that you’re willing to clean the storefront every morning and it will help your customers put their faith in you.

Decorate It

Decorations are fantastic for all kinds of stores. If you’re running a relatively simple business that doesn’t need to put items in the display window, then you may find it beneficial to customise your storefront to match the type of clientele you get. For example, if you’re selling luxury properties to people, then you might find golf statues to be a good decoration. They’re expensive, they can give your business an air of luxury and they please eyes.

If you’re selling products from a specific region then it might be helpful to add decorations that come from that region. For instance, if you’re selling Japanese arts and crafts supplies, then you can add Japanese stickers, signs and even posters around your store to give your customers the feeling that they’ve just walked into a shop in Tokyo. You can get really creative with these decorations, so don’t bore your customers with a dull storefront.

Use Signs

Whether it’s a huge “DISCOUNT” sign or a “NEW PRODUCTS” board that you prop up outside, make sure you use the power of signage to draw customers into your business. With eye-pleasing designs and bright colours, your store will stand out among the competition and help you become a successful business.

But remember that your signs need to be visually appealing. A blackboard with chalk writing is fine and can add some rustic charm to your storefront. However, a plastic sign with paint that easily flecks off isn’t going to be as attractive and may even make your business look worse. If you’re going to have signs, make sure they count.

Awnings Are Helpful

Awnings are great at making your store a little more comforting. It gives your patrons a sense of security and even opens up the possibility of placing items outside your store to display them. This is great if you run a florist or a cafe because the colours will attract people walking past. An awning also allows you to inject more colours into your storefront to make it look a little nicer.

Another added bonus of having an awning is the ability to offer protection from the elements. If you have an awning and it’s raining heavily, you’ll get lots of customers taking shelter outside your store and this can increase your visibility on rainy days. For instance, if you operate a cafe then you may find that people are willing to come in for a cup of tea or coffee as they wait out the rain.

Attracting customers to your store is important, so don’t neglect the power of signage, decorations and a tidy storefront. Just remember that first impressions count in business, so don’t even think about opening your store until you have a fantastic storefront to go with it.

Staff Writer; Carl Wood

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