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Want to Be Happier, Live Longer? Then Head Back to Nature.

(Akiit.comWe seem to think that living in apartment blocks, commuting through concrete landscapes, and spending our time surrounded by manmade structures is normal, but it would look decidedly odd to our ancestors. Studies have shown that people who live closer to nature are happier, and also live longer, even when lifestyle factors had been accounted for. If you want to have a more fulfilling life – and more of it – then it might be time to get back to the natural world.

The Benefits

There’s a long list of benefits of spending time in nature. For starters you’ll be physically more healthy. Due to the nature of that lifestyle, people who live in rural areas usually spend a lot more time doing physical activities than their urban counterparts. And it’s not just physical benefits that nature delivers, either; it also does wonder for our mental health. If a fifteen-minute walk through a natural landscape is enough to boost our mood, can you imagine what it’d be like to live in that world? Finally, the slower pace of life means there are fewer causes of stress, which means you’d potentially be avoiding plenty of serious conditions that are caused by stress.

Moving from the City

Many people who live in densely populated urban areas have a dream of moving somewhere that’s quieter, but believe that it’s more difficult than is the case. For starters, there are more jobs in less-urban areas that most people realize; and in any case, many jobs can be performed remotely via the internet now anyway. There’s also plenty of land for sale, so finding the ideal home is easier than it is in busier areas. The cost of living is also cheaper, so you won’t need to have as much money when compared to say, living in New York.

A Weekly Dose

For some people, however, the reality is that they’re simply unable to pack up and move to a picturesque rural area. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to go without nature all the time. Even in the biggest cities, there will be natural spots within easy driving distance. It does take a bit of effort to pack everything you’ll need into your vehicle and getting out of town, but the benefits of spending a night under the stars will far outweigh this minor inconvenience.

Nature in Urban Areas

It’s also possible to get a daily dose of nature even when you’re in an urban area. You just have to seek it out or bring it into your harm. Getting involved with a city farm might not be as beneficial as living in nature, but it’s a great way to get started without disrupting your lifestyle too much. In your home, you can have plants or grow vegetables regardless of where you live.

Final Thoughts

We’re finally beginning to understand the all-around health benefits of nature. If you want you and your family to be healthier and happier, make it part of your lifestyle – you will not regret it.

Staff Writer; Shawn Fuller

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