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New Tech Is Proving It Is Easy Being Green!

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(Akiit.comYou might think that it’s difficult to go green at home or even in business. But, while that might have been true several years ago, now that’s just not the case. New tech and advances are making it so easy to go green, it’s amazing that more people aren’t taking the necessary steps to improve how they look after the planet. Some of the tech we’re talking about here won’t even break your bank either. Let’s look at a few of the options that you should be considering.

Loving LEDs

If you haven’t already you should definitely think about switching the bulbs in your home to LEDs. LEDs are fantastic because they last for thousands of hours, provide a super bright light and use a fraction of the energy from a typical halogen bulb. That’s right, you know the bulbs that took forever to light up and still burned bright enough to cost you a fortune. Well, you can now get rid of them completely and make the smart choice for the future of your home.

Or, alternatively, you could take things one step further and instead invest in smart bulbs. Smart bulbs can also be LEDs, but they’re great energy savers for a different reason. With a smart bulb, you’ll be able to control how much light it gives off. Therefore, you’ll be in complete control of how much energy you’re using. How great is that? Of course, that’s not the only smart tech that can save you money.

A Smart Choice

You might also want to look into a smart meter or energy monitor for your home. If you don’t know a smart meter is connected to the database of your energy provider. As such, it can keep you constantly updated on how much energy you are using on a daily basis. While this might seem annoying, it’s actually rather brilliant.

It will even allow you to change your home base on the readings. For instance, the meter might show that you are using a lot of power due to one device in your home. As such you can then decide whether to remove that device completely or replace it and use less energy in the process.

Power Of The Sun

Or, if you want to look at more expensive and more impressive ways tech can help you save, look no further than solar panels. You can add solar panels to the roof of your home and immediately have a source of energy that will allow you to power your home. Solar energy can power up to 27 percent of entire grid! That just shows how popular this resource is becoming and how many homes are now using it.

Advanced Tech

You may also want to think about advancing technology in your home as well. You may not realize this, but new tech can actually save you a fortune in energy. It’s an argument for buying more expensive tech and save more in the long term over a few years.

You see, going green really is so simple that these days everyone should be doing it.

Staff Writer; Ron Poole

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