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What’s Slowing Your Computers Down?

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(Akiit.comAs a business owner, you will be well aware of just how important it is to have fully working computers in your offices. If you don’t, it is often not long before massive problems arise for everyone, problems which tend to carry over and make a profound impact on the business as a whole. Something which a lot of businesses have to put up with on a regular daily basis is having slow computers. If you find that you have this problem a lot, then you might want to look into what is causing it so that you can try and fix it as soon as possible. With slow running computers, everything can seem to be a slog – so let’s take a look under the hood.

Poor Circuits

If you find that your computers have been slow since near the start of having them, then it might actually be a problem with the circuitry. When a computer is designed with poor circuitry, it can often mean that it needs to make more connections in order to do what a better computer could do with far fewer connections – and therefore in a much faster time. If this is the problem with your computers, you will know because nothing you do on the software makes a difference at all. The problem might be the circuit board design, in which case you should hire a professional to have a look and see if that could be improved upon in any way.


Older computers especially often have trouble with overheating, and you might be surprised at how much this can make things  massive headache when you are trying to use your computers. One of the simplest solutions for this particular problem is to clear out the fans in the computer, and maybe even replace them altogether with brand new ones. Or if the problem is really bad you might even need to try and find new computers or your business anyway. This is a major expense, but it is something which you will be able to claim back on expenses, and it is also hugely vital for your business to run properly, so you should do it anyway.

Poor Software

It might be that you are using outdated or poorly made software as your operating system. The operating system you use throughout the business is one of the biggest tech choices you need to make, and it’s a good idea to use something which is actually likely to work as long as possible and as well as possible. For that reason, many businesses use Linux, and always have done. A real benefit of this is that it is the best operating system around, and yet it is entirely free of charge, even for businesses. You can also customize it in any way you wish to tailor it for your business, and it is just generally on the whole a much better way to do things in any business environment.

Staff Writer; Jerry Parker

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