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Peddle Power: Taking Your Cycling Up A Gear.

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(Akiit.comThere’s nothing quite like riding a bike downhill, hitting the maximum speed its gearing will allow, and enjoying the wind rushing through your helmet. Going at a high speed on a push bike isn’t like using any other sort of vehicle. Being powered by your body, a bicycle isn’t the same as a car, and it will be much more satisfying to ride. Of course, though, you don’t only want to go fast downhill; you want to go fast all the time. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring three ways to take your rides up a gear.

An Accessory: If you already have a very fast bike, you probably understand the difference a small change can make to the speed you’re able to reach. Something like the way you position your body will make a huge difference to your aerodynamics. To realize the potential of your bike, the products covered on a site like aerobarsreview.com can be a real boon to a cyclist with ambitions of hitting new records. Of course, with pedaling alone, your bike will always be limited to a top speed. To increase this range, you would have to replace both the derailleur and the cassette, broadening the gearing it is set to. If you’ve never worked on a bike before, changing parts like this is probably best left to a professional.

An Upgrade – Road Bike: Some bikes are simply born faster than others, and there is more impacting this than just the gearing. A bikes frame, wheel size, and weight will all change the way it rides. Road bikes are all designed to be light, often weighing only a few pounds. Upgrading to something like this will almost certainly make your cycling experience faster, especially if you started with a mountain bike, BMX, or other option which isn’t built for high-speed use. You can pay whatever you want for a bike like this. But, for you spend on it, it’s worth reading reviews to find the best example in your price range.

An Upgrade – E-Bike: For some people, a road bike will be fast enough, but it won’t give them a chance to relax, as this sort of bike is often uncomfortable. As an alternative, an electric bike could be a great way to enjoy some cruising without having to rely on your legs to do the hard work. As time goes on, this option gets more and more promising, with loads of the modern examples of e-bikes being great for use on the road. Some can last for a really long time on battery power alone, while others will be almost as fast as a small motorbike.

With all of this in mind, it should start to get a lot easier to turn your bike’s speed up a notch. If you have to upgrade your bike to do this, it can be worth waiting for a sale. Bikes often end up selling for much less than the ticket value during these times, and this gives you a chance to bag a bargain.

Staff Writer; John Shaw

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