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How To Create An Exercise Plan That Works.

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( If you’ve decided to start losing weight, but you have no idea when it comes to making your workout schedule and the changes you’re supposed to make with regard to how you’re eating, you’re in the right place. This article will shed some light on the basic principles you ought to be aware of.

Start small

Both in terms of your exercise routine and when it comes to the changes you have to make to your dietary habits, you need to start as small as possible. What does that mean? The problem that most people who are trying to shed some pounds face is that they go into the whole experience with a lot of enthusiasm and end up overdoing it.

Keep your expectations realistic. Therefore, do not starve yourself if you’re used to eating over 3,000 calories in a day. It would, by contrast, make more sense to make some small changes so that you eat just 2,400, for instance. Find out your normal calorie intake for your age and your height before anything else.

The same goes for your workout plan. If you want to work out for an hour every day but you can’t lift anything heavy, or you can’t even take the stairs because you’re out of shape, you’ll abandon the weight loss journey ahead of time.

Understand that you have to work all of your body areas

There are two ways of going about things if you intend to create a workout plan that actually works. You can either start with a set of simple exercises comprising moves that work all of your muscles, or you can work your upper body today and your lower body tomorrow. Both of these alternatives give good results. You just need to know your limits so as to avoid overdoing it.

Use any resource you can get

If the amount of exercise equipment you have at home is limited, but you can’t go to a gym, either, you’re not a hopeless case. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who work out only thanks to YouTube and the trainers who make videos and post them on this social network.

Things like calisthenics, yoga, and pilates require little to no gear. Of course, you can spice things up by adding a little variety if you can afford to get a BOB training bag and install it in your basement. In fact, this type of heavy bag is one of the most convenient ones out there because it’s freestanding, so you needn’t drill any holes in your ceiling and walls.

Find out what you love

Working out isn’t pleasant for most people so you have to make an effort to try out as many new exercises as you can to find the one that best suits your needs. Some exercises are easier to do than others, and you might have to do these for a while before your resistance increases, and you can move on to the next level.

If you like listening to music, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that while you work out. We completely know how boring it can be to run without hearing anything, and after all, the rhythms of a catchy song can help you exercise in tune. You might even end up feeling like you’re dancing, so the whole experience will be a lot more enjoyable.

Staff Writer; Doug Brown

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