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The Most Dangerous Places To Work In.

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(Akiit.comEvery work environment has its dangers. Workplace accidents and injuries are the most common kind of claim launched against a business. However, some workplaces are more dangerous than others. Here, we’re going to look at the top five most dangerous places to work and what the risks are. Whether you work in such an environment already or you’re looking for a career in one of the industries mentioned below, then it pays to be aware of just what the risks are and what you can do to avoid them.

On the farm

Although working on a farm might sound idyllic and peaceful, the truth is that it’s an industry that has always been fraught with danger. Working with animals that could potentially attack if you’re not careful has always been a risk, but the increasing mechanization of farms has proven to be even more dangerous still. Thorough training for all people using heavy machinery on the farm, providing the right protective equipment, and monitoring equipment for any malfunctions that could turn dangerous is crucial. The Farm Injury Resource offers plenty of advice on how to handle the dangers of working on a farm as well as more detailed statistics of how risky that environment can be.

At sea

Whether you’re working on a fishing boat, on a cruise ship, a yacht, or even on the docks or harbors, working at sea or with boats also brings with it significant risks. Hofmann and Schweitzer highlights some of the greatest risks involved in working at sea, as well as how to handle a maritime workplace injury and the laws in place designed to help those at sea. In fact, fishermen and fisherwomen face the second most risk of any occupation, with the second highest rate of fatalities at 86 per 100,000 people in 2016 alone. That’s more than farmers, people in manufacturing jobs, and more than any of the other work environments mentioned below. It’s not just the risk of falling in the water but working with the machinery so common on many modern fishing boats, too.

In the sky

While the risk of a plane crashing is minimal, that’s not the greatest threat to pilots, stewards, and other people who primarily work on airplanes. There’s a wide range of health risks associated with the life of an airline worker, as glamorous as it is often considered. For one, that much exposure to the sound of the aircraft engine is one of the biggest sources of occupational hearing loss. There’s also an increased risk of cancer for frequent fliers, as well as lung damage due to the relatively low quality of air inside the planes, themselves. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is essential for staying in top condition when working on a plane.

Logging trees

The occupation of logging is also considered controversial by many given the ongoing discussion of deforestation. However, few take a closer look at the struggles faced by those inside the industry, as well. Logging was recorded as the single most dangerous occupation in 2016, with more fatalities than any other job, and more than double the risk faced by aircraft pilots. Southern Logging Times Magazine has published a deeper look at where those risks come from, and it’s not just from the danger of being crushed by a falling tree. The terrain of areas marked for logging can be just and dangerous, involving steep drops and rocky ground that can cause injuries by slips, trips and falls. What’s more, equipment from the handheld chopper to chainsaws and logging machine expose them to more risk, especially since loggers are regularly not protected by being inside a vehicle.

On the rooftop

Amongst all home and construction occupations, those who work on rooftops, whether it’s to repair them, paint them, or install them, face the greatest risk. Naturally, the single greatest cause of that risk is falling off it. There has been a lot of development towards gear that prevents falling, but many independent contractors within it are slow to adopt in the measures because of the cost. For that reason, if you need roof repair, it’s essential you rely on an established professional rather than attempting to make the fixes yourself.

As mentioned, every job has its risks. Traditionally, the riskiest jobs are also amongst some of the highest paying. Your safety isn’t worth the danger to your health, however, so make sure you’re aware of any hazards to your health in your workplace and quick to spot and avoid risks.

Staff Writer; Jerry Ford


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