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Is Your House Hurting Your Health?

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(Akiit.comLifestyle, age and exercise all play a role in the way that our bodies respond to the environments around us. The thing is, our environments also play a part in our health. Issues such as mold, radon and carbon dioxide can be huge hazards to your health, and some of these hazards are those found in the home. If you have a house that contains one of those elements, you could be at a huge risk for illnesses that you really could have avoided.

Your home is supposed to be somewhere that protects you and makes you feel safe, but short of levelling the entire thing to the foundation columns and starting a new rebuild, you have to do what it takes to clear the issues in your house that are making you sick. Below, you’ll read about some of the issues that you can find that will affect you – and all because of your house. Once you know what the issue is, you can start to fix it and move on. Also pest control experts fresno, can help steer you in the right direction. 


It’s one of the most well-known toxins in a home that causes illness. The spores from mold can be breathed in and can cause irritation in the lungs. Not only that, it can trigger conditions with the eyes, skin, nose and throat, cause sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and a skin rash. You can have your house tested for toxic mold and if you find that it’s present, you can pay for mold removal. SwiftClean, an LA cleaning company, say they often find mold in areas of the house that people don’t pay enough attention to. Sometimes it’s found in plain sight because people don’t recognize the mold for what it is. So it’s definitely worth doing regular checks for mold around your home, especially in places like your kitchen and bathroom. On inspection, if you come across some mold you can search ‘how can i get my bath white again or ‘How to remove mold from your home’ to find all the information you need on removing mold.

Back to ones mold issue, cleaning that up will depend on the size of the issue and where in the house it’s coming from. For example, the cost of cleanup from the sewage will be more than the cost from the HVAC. Either way, it’s an issue that needs to be solved quickly for the health of all those in the house. So visit a provider of Mold Remediation Services, and let them tackle the mold and the water damages as soon as possible. Keep your family safe and clean.


Indoor air quality is an issue in some countries, and it’s something that takes a hit if the ventilation in the home is compromised. The biggest factor is that remodels and new builds are more air-tight than the older homes out there. Extra insulation needs to be complemented with better ventilation and the airborne particles that would seep out of an older house become trapped and reduce the air quality indoors. Such an inconvenience can easily be fixed by using a professional company, such as General Air Conditioning & Plumbing. They can be found at; Do still remember, some of the most common issues when it comes to ventilation – if not in a new build house – could include:

  • Humidifier problems
  • Undersized heating ducts
  • Mold
  • Fan issues
  • Lack of working dampers

Pest Infestation

Pests don’t always cause huge issues. The odd squirrel is easy to cope with but lots of mice in the walls? Not so much. In a case like that, you would want to look for a professional Pest Control Kingston company or similar services in your area to help you with pest removal. Pests can pose issues like structural damage and asthma as well as interior and exterior damage. You can check for droppings and scratches as well as odd smells in the house. Putting down humane traps is another way to remove pests – depending on what they are – and then your house is free and clear.

Keeping your home healthy will keep you healthy, with fewer repairs and lower costs. Keep your health from declining while taking steps to prevent them!

Staff Writer; Terry Adams

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