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Four Ways To Protect Your Business Network.

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( Securing your business should be a priority for you no matter your business size. We are living in a digital world, and whilst we are very privileged to be afforded the technological opportunities which we have today, we are at risk. Every single business has its vulnerabilities, and without recognising those vulnerabilities, your business is going to be at more of a risk than ever. The only good thing about cyberattacks is that they can teach you to up your security game for your business.

Ransomware and phishing have been the two biggest threats for businesses over the last few years, but these are just the very tip of the iceberg for security threats that we know about. There are a lot of different ways that your business IT network can be at risk, and once you know the risks, you can mitigate them and protect your business better. With that in mind, let’s take a look at four ways you can protect your business network and have a better chance of interrupting cyberattacks before they happen.

  • Train Your Staff. You should not put any new member of staff to work until they have been completely trained on all network policies and systems. They need to know about the basic security practices and what a strong password is. They need to know how to recognize phishing emails and software updates, too. Human error is one of the many causes of security breaches in a business, but you can stamp that out with the right training. Over 40% of data leaks in a business happen because of untrained staff. 
  • Stay Updated. Hardware and software in a business needs to be updated with the latest tech features so that you have a clean server at all times. Security patches and features should remain up to date to keep cybersecurity leaks to the absolute minimum – ideally zero. The first advice that any cybersecurity experts such as will give you is to maintain updated software. Pay attention to this advice!
  • Run Those Antivirus Programs. Without running these programs, you’re risking infections on your hardware or software spreading from the file or server all the way to the endpoints. Antivirus can enable you to limit the damage of an infection, and notify you before one gets too far. 
  • Track User Logins. When you track user logins and logouts, you can track where an infection begins and it will help you to learn who in your organization is not acting in accordance with the policies to which they were trained. It will also show you whether hackers are getting into your system, too. 

Protecting your business network is important, and you don’t do it adequately enough, you’re going to find that your system is exposed and you’re at risk of losing business. Don’t put yourself and your customers data at risk: protect your business network and make sure you’re not wasting your time!

Staff Writer; Terry Gold

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