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How to Encourage A Musical Education.

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( One of the most wonderful gifts that you can ever give your children is education. It’s not all a-grades and sports, either. Both of those things can be important, but creativity is something that a lot of schools aren’t working on with our children. They’re not teaching them to bake up a storm and take their imagination out on icing, and they’re not putting enough emphasis on telling stories in their spare time. They’re also not putting enough effort into their musical education.

This means, as parents, we need to do what we can to encourage music into the lives of our children. Music has so many benefits for children. Whether they learn easy piano songs on their own keyboards at home, or they take professional lessons with a violinist, their musical education is going to encourage them in ways you couldn’t have imagined. 

An education in music is something that your child is going to be able to treasure for life. Not only are they going to have an idea of how they can create something wonderful, but they’re going to gain a thorough understanding of their own thinking and creativity. They’re going to be able to nurture their self-esteem and work as a team at the same time. Children can use music to grow and develop. Exposing them to this side of life is imperative for a fulfilling and well-rounded education that will last them a lifetime.

The benefits of learning how to play an instrument, or at least appreciating the magic in music are unquestionable. A child can benefit from learning a musical instrument from the age of three, when they are in the throes of their imaginative play. Beginning their musical education at home – with even something as simple as a pot and spoon – is going to help to shape their future with music. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to teach your children the brilliance of instruments or the history of where they began. You can also teach children to listen to music well. Transform household chore times into the chance to dance and sing as they go, and you’ll have inspired your children with what they can do. 

Music encourages movement as much as anything else and you can really impress upon your children how their bodies can move in time to music, the importance of the beat and how to get a little silly with their song selection. Embracing music is a fun way for your children to spend their time, and when you are the driving force behind it, you give them the chance to tap into their creativity and really enjoy themselves.

Let your children embrace music and feel how music can flow through them. They’ll thank you forever for the chance at an education that doesn’t surround just math! Instead, you’ll have balanced, emotionally-sound and happy kids who know how to use music to enhance their lives.

Staff Writer; Brian Ross

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