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Use These Tips to Rent Your Property Faster.

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( Whether you have one property or ten of them, you want to get tenants into them as quickly as possible. If you’re finding your first tenant or replacing tenants who are moving out, you don’t want to leave your property sitting empty for any longer than necessary. An empty property means you’re losing money and it could also be bad for the security of your property too. When you want to find tenants as quickly as possible, there are various things that you can do to get tenants interested and choose the right ones as soon as possible.

Take Fantastic Photos

The image that you present to potential tenants is going to make a difference to how much interest you receive. This is especially true if it’s a tenant’s market, where there are plenty of properties but not so many tenants to go around. The best thing you can do is to have excellent photos of your property. Start by making sure that your property looks good, perhaps with some staging or just by choosing a sunny day with plenty of natural light. Professional photography can make a huge difference to how you present your property. You could even consider a video tour.

Choose the Right Property Management Company

Getting some help to market and manage your property can be the right choice if you want to be a bit more hands-off. A property management company can assist with finding your tenants, from advertising your property to checking and referencing potential tenants to choose the right ones. Once your tenants have moved in, they can also manage various issues, from collecting rent to taking care of maintenance problems. And when it’s time for your tenants to move out, they can find new ones as quickly as possible, managing viewings and anything else.

Offer Competitive Rents

Pricing the rent for your property can be a little tricky. The smart thing to do is to look at how much similar properties in the same area have been rented out for. If there are no current properties on the market, you can use property search tools to look at past rental prices. Lettings agents can also help you with valuation and pricing. If you offer competitive rents, you could find tenants sooner rather than later. It can also be helpful if you’re willing to negotiate rents with tenants, especially if you’ve found tenants who you think are right for your property.

Welcome More Tenants

Being welcoming to a range of different tenants can be helpful too. Of course, you need to be careful of discrimination laws, but there’s more to being accepting of tenants too. For example, you might be willing to have people with pets in your properties. This can help you to have more interest from tenants, and you can find plenty of responsible pet owners. Some landlords might also welcome smokers or other tenants who can struggle to find the right property.

Rent out your property as quickly as possible with the above tips. You can find the right tenants quickly without having to compromise on finding responsible people.

Staff Writer; Ronald Jacobs

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