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Its An Ecumenical Matter: Embracing Those From Other Religions.

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( It is all too easy to see our own beliefs as superior to those of others. Whether they are religious, political or otherwise. However, such a situation is at the root of persecution. An issue that all religious communities have suffered from at one time or another. In fact, sometimes it is the effort to embrace those from another faith that is needed. After all, there are universal themes that link the many religious beliefs together, and by focusing on these, we can gain two significant benefits. The first is improved harmony and a reduction in persecution. While the second is by treating those from other religions as brothers and sisters, we can outwork our faith’s teachings of love to all. Read on for some practical suggestions. 

Learn about other religions. 

One of the simplest ways you can begin to embrace other religions from your own is to do a little homework and learning. In fact, it has never been easier to learn about others’ beliefs because there are so many people blogging, tweeting, and making videos about how their religion shapes and informs their human experience.

Of course, it’s not just about learning the theory but making some effort to learn traditional greetings such as chag sameach and Eid al Fitr can go a long way to bridging the gap as well. In fact, by showing respect to others’ beliefs in this way, we can begin the journey of understanding and harmony. 

Visit the holy places of other religions.

Another excellent idea is to visit the holy places of other religions, as this can also promote a better understanding of others’ beliefs. Of course, it is vital that when going about this, you do it with respect. In fact, in many holy places such as mosques, and temples, have particular practices that need to be observed, including specific body covering of the separation of male and female worshippers. 

To that end, it’s always best to contact such an institution beforehand and ask them what the correct procedure is. In fact, they will likely be so pleased that you have shown interest that they make a special effort to guide you through the process and explain all the different parts. 

Stand together with those from other religions against a common foe. 

Sometimes it is actions that speak louder than words. In fact, acting on behalf of those with different religious beliefs can be a compelling demonstration of unity, one that foils the plans of those that wish to persecute all religious beliefs. A particular example of this being when Muslims joined hands to protect a Christian church in Egypt. Something that allows servers to continue, and prevents vandalism. 

Of course, you may not be faced with such a clear cut example in your community. Yet, making the first step towards embracing rather than rejecting those from other religions is vital. Both if we want to work out our faith and in practice, and create a world where those of us that are religious can live free of persecution

Staff Writer; Sherry James

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