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How To Brush Up On Your Much-Needed Common Sense.

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( We’re all good at something in this life, and we’re all knowledgeable at something. If you haven’t quite found your niche yet, then you will soon enough. Nobody is a jack of all trades and an expert in all of them, unfortunately. One thing that often gets labeled at people in this world, though, is a lack of common sense. When someone says or does something awkwardly, or they aren’t as intelligent as they’d like to be, then they’re told that they lack common sense. But what is ‘common sense’?

Well, it also comes across as something you’re born with. It’s not – it’s just a simple way of explaining overall competence in life. It’s something you need in order to have a successful life or to be a good parent. It’s also something we can all possess if we just focus a little. If you’re currently a little insecure and feel as though you need to brush up on this kind of thing, then don’t worry, it can be done so quickly. Here are a few things you can do.

Never, Ever Stop Learning

Do your best to pick up new things all the time. The saying is that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that’s a load of nonsense. For as long as you live and breathe, you can learn something fresh. By no means do you have to become an expert of law and evolve into the next Takakjian & Sitkoff LLP, but simply knowing more than you did the night before will allow you to become a more accomplished person. If you do this pretty much every single day, your brain will be stimulated constantly, and you’ll have vast amounts of knowledge regarding so many areas of life. As we said before, common sense isn’t what it sounds like – it comes from years of practice and learning.

Go Out And Fail At Things

Literally, try new things, and don’t worry about it when/if you fail. As humans, we need to fail in order to learn how not to do things. We need failure in order to figure things out and progress. Failure is often laughed at and looked down on, but those who fail the most end up being the biggest winners in the end. 

Socialize As Much As You Can

Social skills don’t just happen. You need to go out and be around other people. You need to learn how to behave accordingly in certain social settings, and you’ll need to figure out how to hold different kinds of conversations. People with hardly any social skills are often seen as people who are incompetent and lack common sense. Who cares if you’re awkward in public a few times, you’ll, again, progress if you practice. 

Work Hard At Whatever You Do

This is quite the cliché, but it helps an awful lot. If you work hard at whatever you do, you’ll consciously and subconsciously pick all kinds of skills up – in all kinds of departments. Be sure to work hard because you’ll not only increase your skill, but you’ll feel so much better and way more confident overall – which is only a bonus with regard to the highly-coveted common sense. 

Staff Writer; Bobby Ford

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