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Dealing The Fact The Law Isn’t On Your Side.

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( One only has to read the news or watch TV to realise that the law is not always on our side. From Eric Garner to George Floyd, there are countless tragedies that have been closer to murders than arrests by the police force. It might leave you scared to leave your home or use your civil liberties at all. While there is no real way to guarantee your safety, there are options you should consider to guarantee that you don’t become the next victim of a biased legal system. 

Don’t Resist 

As terrifying as it can be when a police officer arrests you for no reason, you should never attempt to resist. This will give them an excuse to use force which can ultimately be lethal. Even speaking up can be enough to get you in trouble. While this should never be the case, this is the sad reality that we live in. It’s far safer to obey the police completely and then file a dispute once you are released from their custody. 

Don’t Give Them An Excuse

Resisting an arrest can give a police officer a ‘reason’ to use force against you. But there are other mistakes that you can make that gives them a reason to stop you. For instance, you could jaywalk. While no longer deemed to be illegal in most states, a police officer can technically stop you for doing this. Research suggests that black people are far more likely to be stopped for jaywalking than white individuals. Driving with a broken taillight is the classic reason that police give for pulling cars over, true or not. 

Handling The Cost

Even the cost of being arrested is biased against certain individuals. Certain bail charges can be dealt with easily if you have a high paying job. If you are on a low income then this can be a complete nightmare. You can end up in a situation where you are struggling with a bill that ranges in the thousands. You might want to consider exploring bail bond options to deal with this. Alternatively, Go Fund Me pages and similar crowd sourcing solutions can be incredibly helpful. 

Getting Legal Support

When you are wrongly accused of a crime by the police, you need to make sure that you find the right criminal defense attorney. A great attorney will always ensure that you get the support that you need and get the best possible defense in court. Be aware that the legal system is not designed to be understood by a lay person. So, you should never choose to represent yourself, even for smaller legal issues. 

Know Your Rights

Finally, it is worth knowing all the rights that you have when you are dealing with police officers. It is best to always use your right to remain silent until you can speak to a lawyer but there are lesser known rights too. For instance, you should never pull over immediately for an unmarked police car. Instead, you should drive to a public place where you feel safer getting out of your vehicle.

Staff Writer; Bobby Brown

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