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Do You Believe Cheslie Kryst Committed Suicide? I Hope Not!

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( My fellow African Americans do you really believe that our beautiful, successful, educated, loving caring black sister committed suicide by jumping out of window or balcony of her 60th- story high rise apartment complex.? If you do then you have a lot to learned since “Those who control images control the minds of people’. There is no way in hell that Cheslie Corime Kryst would have killed herself and done it in that matter if she actually did it .We all know that must African Americans are afraid of heights and water. What do I mean by this? It is obvious that black people stay away from rivers, oceans, swimming pools, lakes and from anything that are not culturally related to the African American community which also include sky diving, bungee jumping, snorkeling etc.. those are things that are not traditional behaviors and costumes of African Americans living in the United States of America and for that reason, No black men or black women will ever attempted to take their life by doing things that they tend to have a phobia. If a black woman do decides to commit suicide is either by overdosing on sleeping pills, cutting a main vein on her wrist or drinking bleach and rat poison.

Now, suicide is not common or prevalent in the African American community; contrary to the mainstream media fake news, Suicide is more common among white men, follow by white women and then LGBT members; Therefore, when ever you hear the white media and the race soldiers aka white police officers tell you that a black men or black women committed suicide then those white Demons of the West are lying to you and to Black America. Cheslie Kryst was a model, an attorney, a social justice fighter, a news correspondent, a role model for black women, a lady with good class, integrity, respect, femininity, nurturing, loving, caring, respectful, well spoken, educated and a true pro- black supporter of black independence and solidarity among the African American community.


I do not believe that she killed herself but instead that she was killed by a jealous, insecure, low self esteem white men with a small private part that could not handle rejection and who could not handle the truth that Cheslie was loyal and love her strong black men and was not willing to turn her back on her black community. I can also attest that there were many white women and non black women that envy, hated and jealous of her because of her natural beauty and her natural body and hair texture for which many men of different culture were falling for her. Cheslie was a pure woman with the heart of an angel who will not lied to make herself better. She had a lot going for herself and she was pushing for reforms in law enforcement treatment of the black community which made her a treat to white America and their systemic racism.

Cheslie Kryst was also educating our young black sisters on how to dress professional and carried themselves in a respectful manner but more so she pushed for young black women to stop listening to rap music that promote, sex, drugs, death and destruction and for African American women to respect themselves and their fellow black men in hopes of bringing back the tradition of black men and black women getting married and raising their children together which is the foundation of a healthy family that promote education, success and generational wealth. She promoted and taught our young black ladies to avoid having children out of wedlock; but more so advising them to avoid having unprotected sex which is the leading cause of single motherhood in our black community. She pushed for black people to support each other by promoting and investing in the black community. She also advocate for the censorship of images, music, social media that portrait and pushed negative images to young black children and she encouraged the young generations of black American men and women to attend all HBCU’s colleges and universities.

Indeed, Cheslie Kryst was becoming a leader and a role model changing the negative stereotypes and minds of young ladies and making them self confidence to love their natural body, hair and image and not let anyone change their appearance into something that they are not. She was the cure to black women accepting their roles as nurturing, feminine, respectful, obedient, submissive to their black men in order to bring back the old days of when black men and black women were married in large number to each other in a positive environment alongside other black families loving, working and taking care of their children which gave rise to all the black wall streets in the African American neighborhood before they were all burnt down and destroyed by angry, racist, jealous, insane white American men which are the same people behind the so called suicide of black women and black men. Yes, it is racist, corrupt, evil white men going around killing our beautiful black sisters and then making it look like a suicide.

With that said, where is the CCTV monitor video from the last three days prior to the Assassinations of Cheslie Kryst, who are her neighbors next door to her left, right above and below. Where is the Security Guard and the Lobby Ambassador, Where are the Janitorial and Custodian of the Onion Apartment complex. Who is the Manager and where are all the people who were around her in the last 72 hours. Once you answered all those questions then you will find the Killer and it will most likely be a White American man or a White woman with no buttocks and/or with Botox on her lips and fake plastic gluteus maximums. Remember White racist people have a history of lynching, hanging, pushing, burning, raping, sodomy, cutting off the penis of black men and the Clit of black women from the day they brought our forefathers as slaves to this land belonging to native Americans until today. Yes, the truth hurts and all African American Women need to be aware that they are walking targets for racist white men and racist white woman, so be very careful and don’t trust no one that those not look like you, think like you, suffered like you and endure like you and your forefathers during slavery.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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One Response to “Do You Believe Cheslie Kryst Committed Suicide? I Hope Not!”
  1. Musa says:

    Dumbest shit I’ve ever read. Proof read this before publishing it. Black people do commit suicide and “LGBT members” (what the entire fuck?) are also men and women. Check your facts. We mourn the life of this sister but mental health affects us all. This was the raggediest post I’ve ever read.

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