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Key Areas In The Various Religions.

January 16, 2019 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) It is not going to be possible to cover everything that you need to know about religion in one post. But, having said this, we can cover some of the most important parts that you should be aware of. Knowing about these religions is one of the ways that we can respect them, and […]

We Need More Of A Little Christmas.

December 24, 2018 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) On Christmas Eve in 1818, exactly 200 years ago, Austrian Priest Father Joseph Mohr and his parish music director, Franz Gruber unveiled the Christmas Carol “Stille Nacht”- Silent Night. The first performance at the Church of St. Nicholas was met with “the general approval of all” according to writings of Gruber. Father Mohr had […]

When Life and The Devil Deal You A Bad Hand.

July 31, 2018 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) It’s been some time ago, but I again heard one of the most powerful sayings a friend of mine once said, right before he was about to be installed as the new pastor of his very own church. “When Satan knocks at the door, let Jesus answer it.” Maybe you had to be […]

Christians Being Shamed.

July 29, 2018 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) It is true that an ugly anti-Bible tide is rising in America. It is true that many conservative believers – in particular Christian – have been discriminated against, be it by the IRS or by the social media giants. And it is true that there is a growing hostility against our beliefs on university […]

How Are Churches Changing In The 21st Century?

July 18, 2018 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) For the longest time, if there was one constant that you could rely on in American culture, it was the presence of the church. Not only was a church a place to worship but it was a place to come together as part of a community to do good and support each other. There […]

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