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Weekend Escapes to Refresh the Mind and Body.

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(Akiit.comEverybody deserves a vacation, but it seems that we are all just too busy nowadays to find the time. We are so bogged down with the stress of bills and commitments that permeate our lives so frequently that the idea of merely getting away for even as little as a weekend seems like a distant and unattainable dream.

However, with all of the mental health issues that can arise from overworking and eventual burnout, it is essential that you can find the time to just get away. It doesn’t need to be some elaborate globetrotting exhibition; it can be as simple as just leaving the city for a few days and exploring some of the hidden and sometimes forgotten wonders of the world.


It can be easy to feel ground down by the hustle and bustle of life in the city. Electing to refresh and recharge by whisking yourself and your family out into the woods can allow you to become one with nature and do wonders for your energy.

Finding a place to camp and sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere will give you the opportunity to forget about the blaring horns, suffocating smog, and busy streets. Additionally, the forest allows you to walk, run, and explore the surrounding area entirely away from any distractions. While it may not seem like there is much to do, the possibilities are endless.


Finding a cabin to rent by the lake can be the perfect remedy to all your inner-city blues. Much like camping, the quietness of your surroundings will give you the chance to clear your mind and just relax by the calm waters and laze the day away.

Furthermore, in areas where fishing is allowed, you will be able to indulge in some much-needed bonding or simple alone time on the water. Going prepared with a fishing licence, boilie pouch and bait, as well as sufficient food and drink will give you the opportunity to stop worrying about the world and perhaps even catch dinner for everyone else, should you want to.


An idea that many people look to indulge in is by jumping in your car and driving until you are well out of the city, but aren’t entirely sure where you are. Visiting an area whether it be a small town or utterly different county, where nobody knows your name can make you feel free from the stresses of work and allow you to switch off your mind as well as your phone.

Going somewhere wholly alien will also give you the chance to explore like a tourist. This can be an exciting exercise, especially if you are used to knowing exactly where you are all of the time. Furthermore, this leap into the unknown can bear fascinating discoveries that might just help you discover what you never knew you were missing.


It is crucial to care for your health in both body and mind and finding the opportunity to do this when you need to will be vital to staying on top of any stress that might be bubbling underneath the surface. Getting away when you need to will give you this opportunity and allow you to reflect and ease anxiety and allow you to remain refreshed and ready to tackle the world how you know you can.

Staff Writer; George Carter

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