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How is saving lives of black children bad for African-American women?

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Tweet ( I understand that politicians in general, and godless neo-Leninist liberals specifically, are dishonest, conscienceless and will say and do anything to get elected and stay elected. They would sell their souls to remain in office, and the overwhelming majority has done just that. As a whole, politicians are the worse America has to […]

Joe Biden is the economy’s supply chain problem.

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Tweet ( Joe Biden has become America’s “it’s not my fault” president. Whether it’s the inflation, the border, the crime, the gas prices, the Afghanistan exit fiasco or the stock market collapse, Biden has become an expert at pointing the finger at someone else. His presidency so far reminds me of the famous campaign slogan […]

Facing the Challenges of Life.

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Tweet ( “The only people with no problems that we know of are in the cemetery.” Junious Ricardo Stanton             Life is such that we are faced with a myriad of situations, circumstances and challenges every day. Problems and adversity are part of the human condition. They are unavoidable; we all have them, have had them […]

Justice Clarence Thomas and Rep. Steve Scalise After the Pandemic.

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Tweet ( Some years ago, as the pandemic was making its first stirrings, I heard from assorted pundits across the fruited plane that America was going to be changed forever. We would never get back to pre-pandemic normalcy. We would be wearing masks unto eternity. We would be importuned to wash our hands every time […]

2022 Tribeca Film Festival; Black Life Goes Full Frame.

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Tweet ( The Tribeca Film Festival is back on track. In 2022 it offered both theater screenings (June 8th – 19th)  and at-home TFF App-viewings too (up to June 26th). Festival premieres and parties were back in full swing, and images of Black life were everywhere. Feature films, documentaries, shorts, series… Aisha (***) For Aisha Osagie (Letitia Wright, Black Panther), […]

It seems African-Americans miss Trump.

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Tweet ( Someone recently asked if the “streets” miss Trump. In fact it was Doc Rich, a popular black YouTuber. He recently posted two reaction videos on this topic. Both were street interview videos, where the interviewers spoke with random black Americans. One, the aforementioned, “Do the streets miss Trump?” featured black comedian David Lucas. The other, […]

If Donald Trump Committed ‘Insurrection,’ Indict Him Already.

June 17, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( OK, so indict him already. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., on the Senate floor the first day of the televised Jan. 6 select committee hearings, said: “(Former President) Donald Trump was at the heart of a coordinated effort to overturn the 2020 elections, to overturn our constitutional order, and inflict permanent damage upon our […]

4th of July is Not a Holiday for African Americans to Celebrate.

June 16, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( What is 4th of July for America? It is a day that white Americans who believed they are better than everyone else and constantly portrayed themselves as either victims or heroes celebrate their independence from the former British Empire. It is a federal holiday celebrating the declaration of independence and liberation of the […]

Concerned Parents: Ask Your Children if They’ve Encountered a Drag Queen at School.

Tweet ( The world continues to change, and as a result, so do our social standards and norms. This change has been a part of the human experience and development since the dawn of creation. However, there are certain standards that have remained untouched, such as the protection of our children and the things they […]

Joe Biden Falsely Accuses Donald Trump of His Own Greatest Offense.

June 15, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( As President Joe Biden was coming to the conclusion of his address at the AFL-CIO Convention on Tuesday, he made an inadvertently ironic observation. “We’re the most unique country in the world,” he said. “We’re organized on one notion. Every other country is organized based on ethnicity, religion, geography. But the United States […]

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