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Just the Two of Us: Travel Tips for Single Parents.

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Tweet ( Plenty of single parents want to give their kids the ‘family vacation’ experience. It’s the reason single moms and dads head to a number of popular destinations, just like any other family. Here’s a range of tips for those who are about to embark on a journey with their son or daughter in tow. […]

Want to Be Happier, Live Longer? Then Head Back to Nature.

Tweet ( We seem to think that living in apartment blocks, commuting through concrete landscapes, and spending our time surrounded by manmade structures is normal, but it would look decidedly odd to our ancestors. Studies have shown that people who live closer to nature are happier, and also live longer, even when lifestyle factors had been […]

Studying Abroad? Here’s What You Must Do Before You Go.

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Tweet ( Education is all about broadening your horizons, and there is no better way to do that than to study abroad. It is good to learn about a topic or subject from a classroom. But, it is much better to get out there and experience the world. Plus, not only will you learn a […]

Fairness for African-American Travelers.

Tweet ( You learn a lot about the character of an organization when things go wrong. For the team at Airbnb, hearing the outcry from African American travelers who were denied lodging because of discrimination was one of these moments. I know, because I met with them in San Francisco in early June to discuss […]

Watersports You Have To Try Before You Die.

Tweet ( We all have bucket lists that we want to tick off before we pass on from this world. As you can probably imagine, mine is filled with some incredible adventure sport activities. You might also not be too surprised to learn that I’ve ticked quite a few of them off! Now it’s your […]

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